Guess Who's Cashing in on Obama

That whistling sound every investor heard on Wednesday morning was the sound of stocks in freefall after the Obama election victory.

Losers weren’t hard to find. Share prices were falling hard among Wall Street’s canyons as financial companies took a swan dive.

Yahoo Finance

Morgan Stanley took the biggest hit with a loss of 8%. Bank of America was off more than 6%, and JPM Morgan came in at the top of the heap with a 5% decline.

Obviously investors and financial giants fear a major regulatory crackdown from the Obama White House. Continue reading "Guess Who's Cashing in on Obama"

A Tasty Dividend For The Hungry Investor

Don’t let your mother or your wife see this latest stock tip. They might get jealous!

They might be great cooks, but seriously, you should take a good look at what’s cooking in the food industry. Especially if you’re a hungry investor.

Fatten Up On This

When it comes to my feature stock of the day, there’s more to it than a tasty dividend. But the dividend does provide a very healthy yield of 3.59%!

We’re also looking at a larder full of products and profits. Even if you think you don’t care for Chef Boyardee, Orville Redenbacher, Peter Pan, Marie Callender’s or Slim Jim, you have to like what ConAgra Foods is doing with its brands.

The company’s CEO, Gary Rodkin says ConAgra labels now appear in 97% of all American households. That’s an astonishing number!

But Rodkin isn’t done – far from it.
In the past, ConAgra’s strategy was to make giant acquisitions. Now he is still aiming at more acquisitions but he says he’s hunting for smaller targets that generate profits which appear almost immediately on the bottom line. Continue reading "A Tasty Dividend For The Hungry Investor"