Gold Update: New Video

After hitting our first upside target of $1,110 two days ago, gold prices backed off but still managed to close at their best levels today for a new record high close in New York basis the spot gold.

The question now is, what's going to happen to gold after it hit our first target level?

The main trend continues to be positive and I believe that any pullback in this market should be met with good support. It is possible that we could see a pullback of $20-$25 which would not change the overall positive trend of the market which we see continuing until the end of the year.

As readers of this blog know, we have an upside target zone of $1,250-$1,300 an ounce for gold. While that target zone is still in place, we believe that the huge "energy field" that we've discussed in our earlier gold videos is capable of pushing this market higher.

In this new video I explain some of the areas that I'm looking at and also some of the places where you can place tight stops to lock in profits.

As always the videos are free to watch and there is no need to register. I would love to hear your views on gold in our Trader's Blog comment section.
All the best,

Adam Hewison
Co-creator, MarketClub

24 thoughts on “Gold Update: New Video

  1. John,

    Good question.

    I am not sure there is a right answer. Physical gold is a real item. GLD is an ETF that tracks gold and is paper.

    I'll leave it at that.


  2. Adam,
    What are your views on holding GLD verses physical gold? With the real shortage in physical gold is there likely to be a geater divergence in their price point than in recent past and would you expect GLD to fall more than the actual spot price of physical gold during a gold bear market?

  3. Hi Adam-

    Another thanks for your generosity. Some day I will join when I have time to study. Meanwhile, if we're long gold, do we take profits at $1250 to $1300 back down to our original investment and wait for a pullback to reenter or do we cash out entirely? Never understood how one knows when to get out and I'm particularly concerned about losing gains when the market inevitably tanks.



  4. Gary,

    Best of Breed.

    Gold is where the focus is right now. Buying a weak market doesn't make it a strong market. If gold turns down silver will fall faster.

    Never buy a second run market thinking it should be a first market. With all due respect it is how amateurs trade the market.

    All the best,


  5. Adam,
    Any distinct reasoning as to why Gold is moving up to new highs while Silver is still about $4 below its high from April '08?

  6. Hey Adam,

    How do you feel about buying SLV as well as GLD. I've noticed that SLV seems to follow similar price action but with larger percentage moves since it is a far cheaper stock around 17.00. Are you bullish on Silver as well and what comparison do you see with Gold. Do you think they're go up in tandem?

    Thank you so much,

    Your videos are great and I'm planning on joining Market Club

    1. Craig,

      GLD is where the focus is right now not SLV.

      Never buy a second run market like SLV thinking it should go higher. With all due respect that strategy is the fastest way to lose money.

      All the best,


  7. narendrakumar,

    The trend is positive at the moment for wheat based on our Trade Triangle technology.

    Thank you for your feedback,

  8. can you please tell me about trade triangle regarding wheat, the rise is in infant stage, but i dont know how to consider an entry point,
    fibonacci retracement level it touched and went up but still not a big move yet started.

    can you show video about wheat when convenient.

    i am computer illiterate, what should i do first, means what i need to learn as far as trade in market is concerned.

    i have never seen a website that offer such a nice free service, you will prosper a lot because of GENEROSITY.


  9. We all know that financial markets are manipulated by the same people who took our economy down. These people are most likely the same people exerting some pressure on central banks to pull away from the greenback, buying instead gold and other commodities.
    India's recent purchase of gold is also sending a strong signal against the dollar, leading the yellow metal and other commodities to soar even further. There is more to say about that as I am convinced the same people are behind India’s acquisition.
    What I would like to understand is the logic pursued by the above mentioned market manipulators for pushing gold and silver to soar? What do these people expect to gain? What is the real game we do not see here? Is it to make more money with soaring prices? Or to make money by taking suddenly prices down?
    I am seeking some light in the meanders of the chaos we are in.
    Your feedback would be highly appreciated.
    Thank you in anticipation.

    1. Jean-Pierre,

      Thank you for your feedback. One of the things I do to keep things simple is just look at the markets and try not to over think things. By only looking at the markets, I believe you get a clearer picture of what is going on which adds of course to bottom line.

      I am not sure if that shines any light on anything but that's how I do it.

      All the best,

  10. Frank,

    Thank you for your feedback, and thank you for considering joining MarketClub.

    There are lots of brokers out there that would love to have your business. At MarketClub we cannot recommend one broker over another broker. If you are considering a broker I strongly suggest that you check with the CFTC to see if they have any major violations. There are quite a number of brokers who handle both stocks and futures where you can trade electronically. I'm sure if you look on our sister website you will see ads for brokers who can look after your business.

    I apologize that we cannot be more specific but it is simply a matter of doing what we do well at MarketClub and leaving the brokerage to someone else.

    All the best,

  11. Hi Adam

    I have been getting information from you for several weeks now. I plan on joining market club in the near future. I first think, I need to move money to a different firm where I can establish a better relationship with a new broker that can cover all the markets. Right now the company I use just trades futures.I use a broker and they enter my trades. So I am not sure if I can use the trade triangles effeciently yet. Also I want to be able to trade electronically myself. Although the company offers electronic platforms. I have not been able to use a free trial with any real support. Also this is an IRA acct. I am in the process of trying to find a firm in the southern Ca. area. who I feel comfortable with. Were maybe I can go in and get some hands on instruction on the use of of the electronic platforms and apply some market club strategies. As soon as I do I plan on joining market club. Do you have any recommendations

    Thank You


  12. Hi Adam,

    I'm Pradeep from India, thanks to you i'm long on GOLD from $850 onwards.I learnt a lot about technical analysis from your videos. Thanks.

    Do you have service for Indian markets? Atleast the Bombay Stock exchange Sensex or India National stock exchange Nifty? As I trade Nifty futures, it will be very useful for me.

    Let me know if you are planning to implement it, I will signup for marketclub.


    1. Pradeep,

      Thank you for your positive comments. At the present time we do not have a service that covers the India.

      This may change in the future and if we have more feedback from India it will certainly lead us to looking into this matter more seriously.

      All the best,

      1. Thanks, will be looking forward to it.

        If you cannot cover all stocks in India, it will be great if you can cover major indexes of the world.

        ETF shows a up tick as long as dollar depreciates and emerging markets currencies appreciate.

        If you can have Monthy, weekly and daily signals for India and other emerging market indices, it will help Index futures trader a lot.


        1. This is in response to Pradeep, Gold is only good if you cover ETF, and extreme market together. Buy across the board on down and up markets using the Forex and the software 4X, with assist you.

  13. Please tell me the value of the South African gougarand. I was given several of these years ago and wonder if it is a good time to trade them in for dollars. Thank you.

    1. Jean,

      I recommend that you check with several coin stores as they are better set up to give you a price on your coins.

      All the best,

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