Big happenings at MarketClub this past weekend

Big happenings at MarketClub this past weekend.  Our illustrious Director of New Business Development, Lindsay Thompson, married the love of her life, Brad Bittinger. YIPEEEEE!

Lindsay\'s wedding picture

Here is a picture of the beautiful bride.

Check out their engagement pic here.

Congratulations to Brad and Lindsay and every happiness in the future from the entire MarketClub Team.

28 thoughts on “Big happenings at MarketClub this past weekend

  1. Ignore CB above.
    Continue on your excellent gene pool. Have many children!
    You're a beuatiful bride and our best to you and your lucky husband.
    We have 2 wonderful kids in college now and we're happily married after 25 years. (It's not always easy....)
    Sorry to say it's the exception nowadays.
    Love the pictures.
    Best to you from the Bridgewater, MA. Brooks's.

  2. Cogratulations for both of you Brad & Lindsay, ; though there is two of you, it's just like one, join together forever.
    With love & peace, sharing my all blessings with you.

    Adam S

  3. Congratulations!very beautiful bride! May you love each other for ever and a happy and prosperous life with you !

  4. Congratulations Lindsay,
    May you have a happy and healthy life together.

    Bset wishes from Down Under

  5. Congatulations!
    Be responsible - keep babies to a minimum as our economy & natural resources are counting on everyone to do their part. Sorry to all those with the blinders on if this comment offends you!

  6. Congratulations Lindsay and Brad. Best wishes to you both in everything you do in life together!!

    Brad, if you look at those pictures it will be very evident that you married above your class!!!

    Good luck and God speed to the two of you.

  7. May the Lord Bless both of you and keep you together for as long as Helene and I have been and enjoyed every monute(60 years)
    P.S. Once in a while we may have a little indiference, but we worked it out. Do the same. SR

  8. Thanks so much all for the nice wishes! It was a great time, and I appreciate having such a great work family being there for me during these awesome stages in my life.


    Lindsay Bittinger & MarketClub

  9. as a married man still married after 52 years i wish you health and every success in your live together. now i have a chalenge for both of you, try to beat our years of happy marriage.

    by the way your huband must have good eye site

    all the best frank(canada)

    1. Frank,

      I will do my best to beat that record. My grandparents have been married for 58, so they gave us the challenge at the wedding too. Its nice to have such great examples for us to follow.

      Congrats on 58 years. It's quite an accomplishment these days, and I'm sure it was done through a lot of hard work!


      Lindsay Bittinger & MarketClub

  10. Lindsay Brad,

    Thanks for inviting Sally and I to your beautiful wedding. We wouldn't have missed it for the world.

    Every happiness and success to you and Brad in the future


  11. I hope you will find that your life together will be cool drops of spring water during a summers heat.

  12. marriage is: "A stop in life to spend some time with someone you love.."

    nice wishes for a long and happy life

  13. You were a beautiful bride! Congratulations and best wishes for you and Brad. I hope you both have a long and happy life together.



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