How will the sectors stack up in Q2?

It's earnings season and the major indices are up on high expectations - the Dow closed above 11,000 or the first time in 18 months and the S&P nearly hit 1,200 - but are these numbers sustainable? The talking heads are hedging their bets based on how the individual sectors perform in the coming weeks and months.

Weigh in below on the sectors you see winning and losing in the second quarter:

Have more to say or did we leave out a sector you think will make a difference in the near-future? Let us know in our comments section.

12 thoughts on “How will the sectors stack up in Q2?

  1. GREEN!!!!!!! Green is the last place on the planet you should invest your money. QUOTE British Petro. "We are withdrawing from our 2 Billion dollar investment in solar and will not revisit this position until there is a new technology in development". Green is the laughing stock of the planet!

  2. Whichever sectors with Green Monthly & Weekly Indicators
    that have an upward Trend-Line will be the Leaders 😉

  3. Energy especially as natural gas comes roaring back to catch up to oil. The BRIC nations will come roaring back this year and maybe even Eastern Europe while the USA contnues its descent into 3rd World status.

  4. Please let me know why you believe Energy is the big gainer. Economy (demand) is so off; inventories are so high; and new sources are coming on line by the hour i.e. natural gas. Do you really believe this market can be "controlled?" As has always been the case, Big low-cost producers let Big High-Cost Producers get their funding all lined up and committed for high cost energy before driving the prices (Crude Oil) down to unthinkable levels. This washes out high cost energy, and assures Big Low-Cost Producers a constant flow of revenue in the long run. This action also benefits the world economy which thrives on low cost Crude Oil. Again, why do you believe this time is different?

    1. Speculation and Demand ( from China and India ) going into the summer season! We are talking of Q2 - so not very long term.

      Things may look different post June.

  5. Agreed, commodities should be covered. Somehow they always seem to be left out.

  6. INHO (In my humble opinion) two important sectors were omitted: Gold (perhaps including silver) and commodities. This made the question less meaningful. These sectors (particularly gold) are too important to be covered by "other".

    1. Gold is not really a sector ( of the economy ). Just like currencies, you can use them as investment and hedges since they play an important input role or asset class.

      Consider mining or infrastructure as a sector, which I think leaves out a big part of global economy.

      Also, healthcare covers it to some extend but biotech is big enough to be considered separately.

    1. Czesc Slawek;

      Interesting observation, on what bases do you determine the second round of crisis and what is your timing for that. I have been biased toward this second wave for some time, and the mkt. has proven me wrong each time I shorted. drop me an email if you want to chat some more: mg*****@ya***.com

      1. By when do you see the eurozone issues resolving? The answer may lie somewhere in that resolution.

        This big an issue usually doesn't resolve without creating a crisis / bottom.

        The US issue is still not resolved in my opinion, just patched for the moment. If the euro crisis snowballs it may pull both US and Japan down further, that's big chunk of the 'global' economy. Not predicting but it could create the second dip.

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