A new market, but the same indicator we've been using all week to conquer it

You only have to watch my earlier videos to see that it has performed very well this week in gold as well as the crude. In today’s short video I want to share an ETF that is setting up nicely and should be giving us a buy signal using the same strategy that we used in the earlier gold and crude oil videos.

This ETF which closely follows the Swiss Franc (symbol FXF) is one you may want to take a look at. As you may be aware, the Swiss Franc is independent of the euro zone and is a separate currency that is backed by the Swiss government.

I think you’ll enjoy this short lesson as it will reinforce the two previous lessons on how to use this indicator. In case you missed our earlier lessons you can watch the gold video here and the crude oil video here.

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All the best,
Adam Hewison
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7 thoughts on “A new market, but the same indicator we've been using all week to conquer it

  1. Thanks Adam..very insighful. Are the trianges and Donchian channels available in most charting packages?

  2. Hi there,
    I'm very thankful to you and your staff that put the concept of CHANNEL trading for Crude Oil and Gold in such a easy way.I'm sure all the members must be benefiting of this knowledge but I'm little confused about Technical System that you offer for a yearly subscription. Would you please give me more information about your service.

    Saifur Chohan

  3. Hi there, i`m Swiss and would agree that the Swiss franc is in a weak position this days, but will continue for a relatively strong position against $ and Eur in next 1-3 .. months, since we have low dept and low inflation sitation, so far a good economic environment, so we are in a relatively better position than EU and US, and that means rel strong sFr

    By the way, many thanks for your open contributions to private investors needs, Adam !

  4. Thanks, Adam. It is really instructive that you've shown us examples of using the Williams oscillator with GLD, Oil and now Swiss Franc. The 3 indicator method in this video (Williams + daily triangle + Donchai) - is this meant only for commodities & currencies? Or would it be applicable to the shares of mining companies, banks, tech companies as well?
    Thank you again.

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