Which do you think is the strongest, gold, silver, or rare earth?

In today's video we will be looking at the gold market, analyzing the silver market, and finally, checking into the rare earth market.

Before you look at the video, you may want to consider doing this as an exercise: Write down which market has the strongest trend - up or down. Then rate the markets. Number 1 ……..Number 2 …….Number 3 ……. Once you see the video it will become clear to you how we rate these markets. It might surprise you.

If you're using MarketClub's "Trade Triangle" technology the answer is simple and you'll discover it in a matter of seconds. If you haven't used our "Trade Triangle" technology, this will be a good exercise for you to look and see just how powerful this technology is and how it can help your trading.

We all know that gold has had a big move, but so have silver and rare earth stocks. So what's next?

I hope this video helps outline some ideas that you can put to good use in the future.

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Enjoy the video and every success in trading,

Adam Hewison
President of INO.com
Co-founder of MarketClub

Edit 5:15pm EST: We have already seen a signal in one of these markets after today's video was published. Watch now to find out which.

33 thoughts on “Which do you think is the strongest, gold, silver, or rare earth?

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  3. Hi Adam

    I am a new member.I find your service very helpful

    what other stocks in rare earth could i look for besides MCP.

    1. Bali,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      Here are two rare earth stocks to look at: Rare Element Resources (AMEX: REE), and Avalon Rare Metals (AMEX: AVL)

      Please be advised these are not recommendations and we would only go into the stocks given the right technical indicators.

      Hope this helps, all the best.

  4. Adam,

    Can you explain what is happening to MCP? It is down ~10% in the past 2 days.

    thank you,

    ben Settle

    1. Ben,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      I'm not sure I can explain what is happened to MCP in the last two days. Very surprising.

      However, the trade triangles and the score remains a positive 85 indicating that the trend although the short term has come down still remains in a longer-term bull market. Let's see how things work out later today and next week.

      All the best,

  5. I am a relatively new subscriber & also enjoy your videos as well as your service

    I find that many of the stocks that i hold are in the +90 -+100 range presently but aren't really moving a whole lot (same wwith some in -90 & below range) Is there another signal that we can use in conjunction with trade triangles that might suggest a major move? I am a long term investor...

    Secondly can you ad a line in your charts (below chart study perhaps) that shows the history of your scoring so we see a trend developing and not just a number at a single time?

    1. Is,

      Thank you for your feedback and your suggestions.

      One of the ideas that we have under consideration is the one mentioned in your last paragraph. And that is running a chart of the scores below the major chart or as an overlay.

      Providing that your markets score +90+100 they will move eventually.

      All the best,


    1. Brian,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      Bollinger Bands and Donchian Channels are similar in nature. The former is a moving average while the latter uses a set number of days or weeks.

      I think they both can be used successfully when a market is in a trading range and you're looking for days the move out of the bands. I always like to see some corresponding signal whether it's on daily trade triangles or some other form of technical analysis to confirm a change in direction in a trading range.

      I hope this helps.

      All the best,

  6. I am not a member, as I have said before, but in case any one is interested, my buy and hold play on the rare earths is GWMGF Great Western Minerals (Pnk Sheets). I bought at $0.4 and it recently hit $1.2+. The chart so far looks good to me.

  7. Very useful analysis for the paper markets. However, for those of us who have greater confidence in the physical metals (which is borne out via the relative out-performance of physical gold and silver over their related paper counterparts and the stock markets in general), no comparison can be made for rare earths since there is no physical market. Since the major producers of rare earths are China (the largest producer by far) and the US, the future viability and price of MCP is largely dependent on China's continuing export restrictions. The Chinese have manipulated the REE market in the past and could easily do it again. That is not true with physical gold and silver.

  8. I would like to use your technology again but only if you reveal which of your daily, weekly and monthly for each commodity /share actually have good track record and which should be avoided. That would be real service rather than just letting the computer churn the lot out with no guidance. For a potential customer to do that analysis would take years. And obviously you and your friends know the track record and steer you personal positions accordingly .

    My experience reminded me of the game Minesweeper

    1. Graham,

      We have at the moment three model portfolios for you to track. Here is where we give the levels in which to place your orders to get into a market and just as importantly levels to get you out of market.

      The "Perfect "R" portfolio is designed for retirement accounts like 401K and IRA accounts. You can look at information about that portfolio right here.

      The next portfolio is our "Global Strategy Portfolio" which tracks five different world markets through the use of ETF's which are very popular with most investors.

      Our last portfolio is our "World Cup Portfolio" and this is a speculative portfolio which has shown returns in excess of 600% in the last three years.

      I hope this addresses and answers any questions that you may have.

      All the best, and every success in the future.


  9. Interesting video, Adam. I love your service and use it a lot. I am heavily invested--too heavily, perhaps--in Gold and Precious Metals stocks, so I have been watching your Gold chart quite closely. Your point about the Donchian Channel is well taken and will make me more cautious, but I like the looks of MACD, where the fast signal (blue line) has just recently crossed above the slow signal (red line), and the divergence has just gone above the zero line. What are your thoughts about these indicators?

    And one more question, if I may, at what levels would we get Weekly and Monthly Trade Triangles?

    1. Tom,

      You are correct, the MACD is beginning to look like it is trying to turn up. We may see a pullback from current levels based on the Donchian channels but I think we need to be cautious at least in the short term about getting overly bullish.

      Certainly our trade triangle technology is not bullish at this point in time and I would respect that above all else.

      Thank you for your feedback.

      Every success,

  10. I see you use MCP to represent rare earth and it doesn't even show a profit yet and might not for another year. Why not use REMX, which is an etf for a number of rare earth companies?

    1. Poorman,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      Whether the stock is making a profit or not at this time is not so important as the stock is moving up and had almost an 8% gain yesterday. As I mentioned in the recent video the $53.80 level was a major buy signal in our trade triangle technology.

      Based on that technology we are bullish on MOLYCORP symbol MCP traded on the NYSE.

      All the best,

  11. As the saying goes, ''Bonds are smarter than Stocks."

    I'm watching the yield on the 10-year note.
    When it gets to around 4% like it did last year,
    I look for the market to get a moderate (maybe more) correction -- just like it did last year.
    If the correction goes deeper, Uncle Ben & the Boyz will panic, just like they did last year,
    and pump another $-Trillion or so into the market.
    Then stocks will rocket up again (perhaps?).

    Anyway -- thar's gold in them thar QE2's, 3's& 4's etc. -- until the ''Sierra Hits the Fan!''

    And remember the 3rd Year Rule:
    Markets Will Trade Up in the 3rd Year of the Presidential Election (Uncle Ben & Obama will do their best to make it happen).

    I think when the market corrects, Gold and Silver will go much higher.

    MCP is too rich (i.e., big swings) for my taste, but I might try the REMX rare earth ETF.

    Happy Trading.

    Thank you for the excellent video Adam, and for teaching me the Dochian/Williams Trading Method.

  12. SILVER IS BY FARE IS THE STRONGEST BULL THIS YEAR....I think that silver prices still have a long way to rise both in the short and long run. This is because silver investment demand is continuing to explode, and, based on the revelations made at the March 25th, 2010 CFTC hearing, the price appears to have been artificially suppressed for many years.

    It has been reported that the U.S. Mint has sold 6,422,000 ounces worth of silver bullion coins in January, 2011, alone, which is the largest amount ever reported. That is an incredible amount of silver for one mint to use. If demand elsewhere has heightened to a point anywhere similar to this, the backwardation becomes understandable. All the pieces are now in place for an intense short to medium-term silver price explosion which will be likely to start in the very near future.

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