8 thoughts on “Afternoon Market Update (4/18/11)

  1. These are great updates! I can skip cnbc and just listen to this and save hours out of my day. Not to mention your analysis isn't bias =). Thank you Adam!

  2. Adam, with what happened in Japan in the last month, and the correction there was since february in Uranium stocks. What do you think about the Uranium market? I love the pattern I am seeing in stocks such as urz on the NYSE and URRE on the NASDAQ. Both just had a little breakout of there SMA-150, now we start to see some accumulation but there still seems to be down pressure as well. When I trace my trendlines the bearish tendency was broken around the end of the first week of April, which is bullish for me even more because we are reaching the SMA-150. Anyway, I would like to get your feeling on that.
    Thank you for everything

    1. Hubert,

      The trend according to our Trade Triangle technology is down for both of these stocks. I see little reason to differ from that analysis.

      All the best,

  3. ''Sell in May and Go Away'' may have come two weeks early.
    Looks like SLV, GLD & DBC have some more up side left.
    It will be interesting to see if the Fed really does stop printing bogus paper in June.

  4. Love the daily updates Adam! I subscribe now
    and my returns have been fantastic compared
    to previously mediocre. Thanks

  5. Thx again Adam. Your head ans your heart are in the right place.
    P.S. I'll be watchin' & learnin' Thursday night @ 7 PM.

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