4 thoughts on “Got "Trade Triangles"?

  1. "....This blog becomes more irrelevant by the day ..."

    p.s. As expected, my inbox is being bombarded by VantagePoint sales pitches. What I don't understand is that if a software is THAT good, why does the author need to peddle it? Why not just sit at home on your a$$ and make million$$$??? Think about it smart people!!!!

  2. Take a look at Kazakmhys. Love them miners. Even with banks down , no way. Retail looks anemic. Luxury has done super well by me. Am looking at Abercrombie and Fitch; granddaughter says it is the newest need. Friend back from the US swears Coach is selling like crepes. Don't have to wear it, just have to buy and sell it.

  3. I wish to be updated frequent intervals on all markets means commodities , currencies, and trading ideas

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