Market Update for 6/2/11

Good afternoon, Susan Jackson filling in for Adam for today's afternoon update while he is out of town attending his daughter's wedding. We, here at MarketClub, want to send our congratulations to the happy couple.

Let's jump into the markets...

Silver – Yesterday Adam pointed out that we are in a trading range for this market and it wasn't looking terrible, but today has really proven to be a bad one for the silver market, and we're down the better part of 3% for the day and MarketClub's Trade Triangles have downgraded this metal to a -70

Gold – Luckily for gold bugs, this metal seems to be faring better than its counterpart, however, we did see action retreat from the highs yesterday and we are down for the day so far.

S&P 500 – After a not so great day and bad economic news yesterday, the S&P is still trading at the lower end of range and at a -60 we are still in a sidelines mode.

Crude Oil – Today we're trading lower in crude oil and though the overall trend is still up we are holding steady right in the midsection of that Donchian channel.

Now let's take a look at an update on our Perfect Portfolio... FXE, GLD, USO, SPY

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Susan Jackson

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  1. Hello everyone @ the market club is nice But you dont have live charts , and I have never been able to make any profits with Market club . Thanks any way.

  2. Hi,
    Is it possible to put visible video in these posts? I am not able to make out anything from the video.


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