Weekend Update

Hello fellow traders everywhere. Adam Hewison here, co-founder of MarketClub, with your weekend trading update for the week ending on 6/24/11.


Here's what happened last week in the major markets….

S&P500 -.23%
Silver -4.37%
Gold -2.40%
Oil -2.35%
$ Index +.79%
CRB Index -1.69%

Last week crude oil dropped 2.35%. This fall was reflected in a fall in the CRB Index of 1.69%. The equity markets were mixes with only the NASDAQ closing higher for the week. This coming Thursday represents the last trading day of the quarter and one that every traders should watch closely.

Greece, Bernanke and the 30 million barrels of oil that have already vanished into the atmosphere, plus a host of other global problems continue to plague the markets. Major uncertainties cannot be glossed over easily and swept under the rug. There is too much STUFF under the rug already. Like the 1 trillion dollars in outstanding student loans that need to be repaid! That's never going to happen! There are probably more economic time bombs that we will eventually learn about when they pullback the rug.

If you haven't watched our 1 PM updates, I recommend you take a look on this blog at some of our earlier postings.

As always, we rely on our market proven Trade Triangle technology for catching the big moves.

Every success,
Adam Hewison
President of INO.com
Co-founder of MarketClub

12 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. He already has and the Man He chose to push the button is Baha'u'llah. Now, let's look at the good side. I see people of all nations and races and beliefs coming together to make things better. I see Arabian women driving cars, African women rising up to assume their rightful place, people and nations protesting Iran's violation of human rights and imprisonment of religious minorities. And I see the world in search of a global economy, not one dominated by a particular group of nations for the benefit of a few. I see the phoenix arising from the ashes. The question is, will we remain in the ashes or soar off to a new world?

  2. This is an statement based on my observations. As far as most of my recent trades which have concentrated on the SPX 500 index, the ASX200 index, silver, gold and a few currency pairs; had I taken the exact opposite to my view my trading for the last month would have been positive. Whenever the SPX 500 goes up for a few days I thik perhaps this is a turning point and go long. That being said, I take a lot of notice of your commentary suggesting that we are in the middle of a correction and that equity markets look bullish for the future. I can’t help feel that while Mr and Mrs Average are feeling negative about the economy that they are not going to participate. Mr and Mrs Average have a negative view of Wall St as they reckon that the GFC was all their doing, The US housing Market is "off" and unemployment is too high for comfort. US companies while sitting on good profits may well be languishing in sales volume because no one is buying. I do not believe the China export machine can continue without the US consuming. Just what are the stats on Chinese exports to the USA, the biggest consumer of Chinese "stuff"? We have another conundrum in the age bracket that has historically been the biggest consumer of "stuff" and that is the Baby Boomers. They are now mostly through the buying cycle of their lives but are going to live to 80years plus and have bugger all income to keep the show on the road. Hopefully the Chinse and Indians will have enough income to consume their own "stuff", but if the bulk of their income comes from export to the USA, where will their income be generated? This then leads to the Australian recourse boom being slowed as the Chinese will just stop buying. I'm normally very optimistic and I do think things will be good for those who recognise that some of our traditional measuring sticks need to be recalibrated or new ones created to replace those that may have belonged to a bygone era. Well that my view, as amateurish as it may be.
    I take note of a comment made by IG Markets a few weeks ago in that Trend followers make money and turning point pickers lose, so I think it best for me to wait until some trends are confirmed even if I have to miss out on the early opportunities

  3. How do you access the "52 week high friday rule" info...I wasn't the only one looking for it this past friday. We waited on live mode and...nothing.

  4. Good rant, but by all mathematical models, the 100 Trillion in outstanding debts and unfunded liabilities will never be paid back. What a mess!
    I get that number from Marc Faber, Jim Rickards and a very dear friend in Risk Management at HSBC Asia.

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    If there are any other tricks or tips I can learn of please share asap as this week is critical in my decision of the 4 systems we are researching!!

    J & A

  6. Adam is right on the mark in his rant. Who is running the Govt? Larry, Moe & Curly? The biggest ponzi schemes ever, go unnoticed - Enron, Madoff, World.com, Fannies, etc.

    Billions in dollars missing in Pentagon going up in 911 smoke, Billions missing going to Iraq, Trillions in TARP, QE1, QE2 and etc. ATF fast & furious, ala, gun walker lunacy to Mexican Cartels (17k weapons), Silver Manipulation - CFTC silent, SEC silent, Fed Reserve acting like they are Boy Scouts of the World. Hollywood (Movies - Music)washing out and championing the trashing of America. Families destroyed, homes lost, jobs lost. God, please hit the reset button.

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