Sneak Peak: Buy and Hold vs. Options

Every month, I release a new video for my MarketClub Options members...

I cover everything from current market conditions and trading lessons learned (good and bad), to stocks on my watch list, questions I receive from members, and more.

These videos are not an advertised part of the MarketClub Options service (which includes the MarketClub Options Blueprint, Option Basics Bootcamp, How NOT To Trade, Options 101 eBook and more), but simply an added value and something I like sharing with members.

I was asked by the MarketClub staff if we could share September's training video with non-members.

I hesitated at first - then I thought, why not?!

This information applies to all types of traders - buy and hold, fully invested, successful or not.

The short video below highlights:

  • Why risking everything for average returns simply doesn't work for me.
  • Buy & Hold vs. MarketClub Options, and how we are crushing the market in terms of risk and performance.
  • Why I will NEVER lose 50% of my money during a market crash (and you shouldn't either.)
  • A bonus tip not taught in the training and why I'm ignoring the Monthly Trade Triangle on IBM.
  • Stocks I'm looking to place new trades on and when.
  • And more!

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I hope to see you inside,
Trader Travis