Is The Bear Market Rally Over?

The stock market finished the week in the negative as traders braced for tighter monetary policy from the Federal Reserve. The S&P 500 finished the week just below its 200-day MA, which could signal a move lower if it opens below that level on Monday and makes a move lower. In addition, the red weekly Trade Triangle levels are considerably closer heading into next week, which would mean a leg lower would be in the cards if they are triggered.

The DOW rose 137.55 points or +0.40% to close at 34,721.12. The S&P 500 fell -0.27% to 4,488.28, and the NASDAQ collapsed, losing -1.34% to end the week at 13,711.00.

All three major indexes finished in the red for the week, with the NASDAQ leading the way with a loss of -3.85%, its first weekly loss in four weeks. The DOW lost -0.27%, and the S&P 500 wrapped up a disappointing week with a loss of -1.26%.

Key Levels To Watch Next Week:

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