Why I REALLY Moved to Puerto Rico, and You Should Too

By Alex Daley, Chief Technology Investment Strategist

Much fuss was made yesterday when my colleague Nick Giambruno released a report outlining the incredible tax benefits to be had, by Americans no less (the only people in the world to be taxed back home even when we leave), in Puerto Rico.

As you may have seen, that report was based in large part on my personal experience relocating to the island, a process I started in earnest last October. And, yes, I am here, writing you at this moment from beautiful Palmas Del Mar—if you ask me, the most beautiful piece of coastland on the island, but only just being rediscovered after a long hiatus from the spotlight.

What can I say, I love a comeback story, especially when it looks like this… Continue reading "Why I REALLY Moved to Puerto Rico, and You Should Too"

Casey Analyst Forecasts Explosive Biotech Growth

The Life Sciences Report: At Casey Research's "Navigating a Politicized Economy" summit, we talked about a disproportion between a speed of scholarship and a speed of technology, and how fast a time to marketplace and cost of products in a life sciences space is decreasing. Can we yield some examples?

Alex Daley: Many technologies, like a touch-screen tablets and smartphones that now browbeat a market, seem to come out of nowhere, perpetuating a parable of record as roughly magical. But we usually have to demeanour as distant as a as-yet-unfulfilled promises of new years to see a delayed expansion bend that leads to bomb growth. This has been many conspicuous in a appearance of genetic medicine.

We all remember a sequencing of a tellurian genome as a systematic milestone. Announced in 2000, only during a spin of a millennium, it was followed by most media pushing about a emergence of genetic medicine. Every untreatable illness was going to be cured. Every chairman was going to accept medicine tailored to his or her singular makeup. Continue reading "Casey Analyst Forecasts Explosive Biotech Growth"

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Alex Daley: The Greatest Growth Sector in the World

Genome sequencing has gone from a cost of $3 billion to $10,000 – within just nine years, says Alex Daley, Chief Technology Investment Strategist at Casey Research. And that's only one example of how fast new technologies are now being implemented and made affordable to the public. Watch this eye-opening speech from the just-concluded Casey/Sprott Summit to find out where today's and tomorrow's big investment profits lie, and how you can get your own slice of them. Continue reading "Alex Daley: The Greatest Growth Sector in the World"

The New Economic Collapse Video: It makes uncomfortable but urgent viewing

When Casey Research Chief Technology Investment Analyst Alex Daley met former Reagan Budget Director David Stockman to talk about the economy and where he sees it leading taxpayers investors and savers in the near future, he got some very intriguing insights from a man who served right at the heart of the US federal government.

True, some if it makes for uncomfortable watching, but the message is critical if you want to keep your assets safe in what David calls calls "the great unwind." Continue reading "The New Economic Collapse Video: It makes uncomfortable but urgent viewing"

Is the Generational Divide in Technology Widening?

By Alex Daley, Casey Research

My son doesn't know how to use a mouse.

He doesn't even know what one is. As far as he's concerned, it's a furry animal he's only seen in books and running around the floor of the Newark airport.

While I've known this for some time, it recently moved from the back of my mind to front and center following a brief car trip a few days ago. From the back seat, my eldest son – who for some inexplicable reason loves to watch the instructions tick by on the screen of the GPS unit sitting on the dashboard Continue reading "Is the Generational Divide in Technology Widening?"