3 Gold Miners To Inflation-Proof Your Portfolio

It was another turbulent week for the major averages, with the S&P 500 (SPY) finding itself down 3%, extending its decline to the 20% mark. However, one sanctuary from the turbulence was the Gold Miners Index (GDX). Not only did the index not lose ground last week, but it gained 3%, and it is one of the few ETFs sporting a year-to-date gain. This continued relative strength combined with an undervalued industry group relative to historical levels suggests that this is a group worth keeping a close eye on for investors looking to inflation-proof their portfolios.

Gold Miners Index (GDX)

Source: TC2000.com

With inflation readings continuing to sit at multi-decade highs and the Federal Reserve maintaining its hawkish pivot, there are few places to hide in today's market. However, one asset that has historically done well in periods of negative real rates is gold (GLD), and one way to collect income with exposure to the gold price is through gold miners. The caveat, however, is that they must be trading at a deep discount to net asset value [NAV] and ideally out of favor. With more than 80% of miners trading at discounts to NAV and the industry group down nearly 40% from its Q3 2020 highs, it currently meets both requirements. Let's look at three names that make for solid buy-the-dip candidates: Continue reading "3 Gold Miners To Inflation-Proof Your Portfolio"