Optimistic Banker Sees 'Encouraging Time in the Basins'

The Energy Report: Bruce, the price of natural gas has remained well below $4 per thousand cubic feet ($4/Mcf). How long can junior and midcap explorers and producers (EPs) of natural gas keep on going at this rate?

Bruce Edgelow: They're in a better place than they were a year before. The marketplace isand I'll hesitantly use the word"enjoying" about a 4550% increase in prices year over year. This new price is, for the most part, bringing producers back to a break-even or a modest return on cash flow. However, they clearly need a more robust price to generate the returns that the market expects of them.

TER: The spread between West Texas Intermediate (WTI) and Brent Crude prices has narrowed to just a few dollars per barrel. How is that affecting the crude EPs? Continue reading "Optimistic Banker Sees 'Encouraging Time in the Basins'"