Commodity Prices Hit 7-Year High Amid New Bull Run

The Refinitiv/CoreCommodity CRB Index (CRB index) is a commodity futures price index. It was well known under the name Thomson Reuters/Jefferies CRB Index before renaming. The CRB index is the gauge of the commodities market, which is comprised of 19 items as quoted on the NYMEX, CBOT, LME, CME, and COMEX exchanges within four following groups:

    • Petroleum-based products (based on their importance to global trade, always make up 33% of the weightings)
    • Liquid assets
    • Highly liquid assets
    • Diverse commodities

It includes aluminum, cocoa, coffee, copper, corn, cotton, crude oil, gold, heating oil, lean hogs, live cattle, natural gas, nickel, orange juice, silver, soybeans, sugar, unleaded gas, and wheat.

More than four years ago, I shared with you a big map of the CRB index with a long-term outlook. (Original chart is below) Continue reading "Commodity Prices Hit 7-Year High Amid New Bull Run"