Can the U.S. Economy Survive $100 Crude Oil?

The big question is if crude oil is headed higher, how much of a price increase can the US economy afford and withstand?

Here is a raw commodity that is used by everyone and the US has no control over it. This key commodity to commerce just happens to be in areas that are hostile to the US. If we see a hiccup in the supply chain that changes this market dynamic, even for a short time period, we could see oil move back to the $100/barrel range in a heartbeat.

How will this affect the US equity markets? If crude oil heads back to the $95-$100 range, I expect that the economy will take a hit and that will send the major indices south. In this short video, which I made a few days ago, I share with you the potential target zones that we could see in the next 6 to 12 months in crude oil. Continue reading "Can the U.S. Economy Survive $100 Crude Oil?"