Electric Vehicle Exposure That's Not Tesla

Just a few years ago, it seemed that electric vehicles were never going to "catch on," whether that was because of price, possible reliability issues, or, most importantly, range anxiety. (Range anxiety is the fear that the electric vehicle will not have enough battery to reach its destination or the next charging station, ultimately leaving the driver stranded.)

But, better, much better battery technology, vastly more vehicle and brand options for consumers to pick from, and exponentially more charging stations located all over the country, have changed consumers' minds about the electric car.

While a large number of new, start-up car manufacturers are developing only electric vehicles, one significant change we are seeing is that almost every major car manufacturer is already offering fully electric vehicles or plans to do so in the next few years.

This is nice because we can get our iconic-looking vehicles in electric form; think the Ford F150 pickup truck, the Jeep Grand Cherokee, or even the gas-guzzling Hummer!

Most people don't like change. Thus changing the way a vehicle looks and what powers it may have been some of the reasons consumers didn't rush to get an electric car a few years ago but are now more willing to do so.

Regardless of the reason or reasons why more people are purchasing electric vehicles, the fact is, it appears electric vehicles are not only here to stay but may be the only type of cars on the road in just a few decades. This major shift in how we move from one place to another can also be a massive windfall for your portfolio.

Even though some people may feel they missed the EV investment because they didn't buy Tesla 5 years ago, there are still plenty of opportunities out there that you can put money into today and reap the rewards for decades to come.

Let's take a look at a few Exchange Traded Funds that will expose you to not just car manufacturers in the EV space but also crucial materials and technologies that EVs need to operate.

The first two are ETFs that focus on the production of electric vehicles and the future of transportation. The KraneShares Electric Vehicles and Future Mobility Index ETF (KARS) and the Fidelity Electric Vehicles and Future Transportation ETF (FDRV) invest in essentially the same companies. Continue reading "Electric Vehicle Exposure That's Not Tesla"

Truth Is, It's Not Just About Fueling EVs

“The following is an excerpt from Tim Snyder’s “Weekly Quick Facts” newsletter. Tim is an accomplished economist with a deep understanding of applied economics in energy. We encourage you to visit Matador Economics and learn more about Tim. While there, you can sign up for his completely free Daily Energy Briefs and Weekly Quick Facts newsletters.”

Truth, once again leads our headlines? Over the last two weeks, I have been busting my hump to prepare a presentation for an energy group, having a conference and I really dug deep to pull the data that really made sense for those who don’t ever see all the facts.

I went to 25 or 30 different sources and grabbed “Snippets” of data to use in my presentation and a solid theme began to develop. The theme was this, it’s not just about the EVs, it’s about the entire energy balance and how many BTUs it would take, to replace fossil fuels in the entire US economy. Here’s how much we produce by sector, each year.

Demand in Quads, by Sector. Continue reading "Truth Is, It's Not Just About Fueling EVs"