Gold and the New Technical Triad

Today's guest is Gary Wagner featured Trend TV author and founder of Gary is going to share with us part 3 of his  "Gold and the New Technical Triad" with traders blog readers. Be sure to comment with your thoughts on the gold market.


Gold which has been trading higher the past few weeks is, I believe, is in a correction within a corrective phase. That is to say it is going against the short term trend as it moves higher. I am fundamentally extremely bullish on gold, and in fact believe that it will surpass 1265 and trade to 1300 an ounce. However, before we get there I think we will need to weather one last correction.

In this, part three of a blog I began on may 13, 2010, we've followed gold as it now enters the final portion of this corrective phase. I believe that in the proper hands, wave theory will provide genuine and relevant market insights, and in the wrong hands will enable a lot of skeptic’s added reasons to doubt this technique. For those who have are skeptical about the relevance of Elliot wave, I hope that this blog might cause you to re-examine this technique again.

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