Gold Rush!

By Mike Landfair

I’ve recommended buying Gold since 2004 and I always get the look.  Are you crazy? Or Gold? Isn’t that risky? Or, How do I buy it? Or, Hasn’t it already moved? They may ask how much should I buy and I’ll give them a percentage and they will say, Where do you I buy it? Should I buy Gold or stocks?  What are you doing with your money?

Then a year or two later, I’ll meet them again and they’ll say, “Do you still own your Gold?”  I’ll say yes I do.  And they will say, “I wished we’d bought it when you told us.  We just took a big hit in the market.  Of course Gold is too high now, isn’t it?”

Here we are at $1775 as I write this and I think Gold will double from here and Silver could be at $100 or more, maybe in 2013.  When I suggest this to anyone who asks me what I’m doing to get better returns than CDs, I always get the look. Continue reading "Gold Rush!"

Profiting from Europe's New Gold Rush

By Jeff Clark, Casey Research

Europe owns a sizable chunk of the world's natural resources.

Over the past few decades, however, EU countries have mostly imported their resources.

Outlandish? Maybe.

But it was simply easier, cheaper, and most importantly it avoided most environmental conflicts. Continue reading "Profiting from Europe's New Gold Rush"