Gold Rush!

By Mike Landfair

I’ve recommended buying Gold since 2004 and I always get the look.  Are you crazy? Or Gold? Isn’t that risky? Or, How do I buy it? Or, Hasn’t it already moved? They may ask how much should I buy and I’ll give them a percentage and they will say, Where do you I buy it? Should I buy Gold or stocks?  What are you doing with your money?

Then a year or two later, I’ll meet them again and they’ll say, “Do you still own your Gold?”  I’ll say yes I do.  And they will say, “I wished we’d bought it when you told us.  We just took a big hit in the market.  Of course Gold is too high now, isn’t it?”

Here we are at $1775 as I write this and I think Gold will double from here and Silver could be at $100 or more, maybe in 2013.  When I suggest this to anyone who asks me what I’m doing to get better returns than CDs, I always get the look. Continue reading "Gold Rush!"