Two Overlooked Streaming Stocks with Huge Upside Potential

Streaming/royalty stocks have been darlings of the commodity investment world. In the precious metals sector, this type of company provides financing for mining companies in the form of an upfront cash payment in exchange for a percentage of production or revenues from the mine. Jason Hamlin of Gold Stock Bull profiles two streamers often overlooked by investors.


The main difference between a streaming company and royalty company is that a royalty is cash paid as a percentage of revenue, while a stream involves the actual delivery of physical metal to the holder of the streaming agreement. The finance model has also been called a volumetric production payment transaction and originated in the oil and gas sector.

Advantages of the Streaming/Royalty Model

There are considerable advantages of a streaming/royalty business model including: Continue reading "Two Overlooked Streaming Stocks with Huge Upside Potential"

Pent-Up Potential for Precious Metals in 2013: Jason Hamlin

TGR: Jason, you recently told your Gold Stock Bull readers that you had sold some equities. What were your reasons for selling?

Jason Hamlin: At the time, we were nearly fully allocated and decided to move to a position of roughly 20% cash. Even though this is a high seasonal period for precious metals, we sold a couple of underperformers to take advantage of any potential year-end selloff driven by concerns about the fiscal cliff and its impact on economic growth. There are also year-end opportunities for tax-loss selling and we want to have some dry powder for bargains that may materialize over the next few months in quality resource stocks.

TGR: Do you believe investors should reduce risk and take a more conservative approach until we know what are the repercussions of the fiscal cliff? Continue reading "Pent-Up Potential for Precious Metals in 2013: Jason Hamlin"