This High-End Retailer Is Beating The Odds

Daniel Cross - Contributor - Equities

If you've payed any attention to the markets so far this year, it comes as no surprise that we're teetering on the edge of a major bearish reversal after many years in a bull market. The broader indexes are all down for the year and volatility is on the rise. With all the negative action going on right now, a stock that's on its way up stands out.

Stocks that outperform when the major averages are under performing deserve a closer examination. In order to appreciate amidst the storm of bearish momentum, these companies are generally doing something very right.

One company is undergoing a radical transformation and it's stock price is already beginning to show it. Despite all the negative macroeconomic news, this high-end retailer is belting out upside earnings surprises and growing sales both domestically and internationally – including China. Continue reading "This High-End Retailer Is Beating The Odds"