Trading on "Eggshells"

Hello traders everywhere. Adam Hewison here, co-founder of MarketClub, with your 1 p.m. market update for Friday the 24th of June.

It has been quite a week with the Greek problem still not out of the woods. Ben Bernanke indicated that the economy is not so good after all. Plus the release of 30 million barrels of oil just enough for the US to get through a day or two. How crazy is all of that.

Okay, here it is the end of the week and the markets are mixed at 1pm. The Dow is down for the week right now, the NASDAQ is on the plus side, and the S&P500 is stuck in the middle of the road and has barely changed this week.

Now let's take a look at what's happening in the markets today... Continue reading "Trading on "Eggshells""