Beyond the "Spotlight"

For the Week of May 28, 2013 The GBE Trade Spotlight advisory service applies the GBE trading methodology (buying or selling commodity contracts based on breakouts of chart formations and technical indicators) to identify one to two trade setups per week.Highlighting This Week’s Potential Breakouts:

Let’s take a look at two energy market sector markets as we enter the “Summer Driving Season”.

July 2013 Crude Oil

Based on Cash charts, the Crude Oil contract tends to sharply drop in June, slightly retrace in July, and gradually sell-off through the remainder of the year. Even though this data was tracked over a twenty-five year period, the contract might not always follow this pattern due to fundamental and technical reasons. The July 2013 chart appears to have found resistance along an upper trend line and technically setup to sell-off. This falls right in line with the Cash chart. Continue reading "Beyond the "Spotlight""