Here's How To Profit From The Disconnect In Natural Gas

By: Street Authority

A rising tide doesn't always lift all boats. The major stock indexes are up 10% or more this year, but as I recently noted, it has been a brutal few months for commodities. But at the time, I saw a small silver lining.

"These are the kinds of commodities you need to keep tracking, because lower prices counterintuitively set the stage for the next bull market in commodities," I wrote, citing iron ore as an example. However, I overlooked an even more glaring example of how slumping commodity prices can impair production, which leads to an eventual pricing rebound.

I'm talking about natural gas, which has been on fire in the past year.

Simply put, in the spring of 2012, few people saw this kind of move coming. Continue reading "Here's How To Profit From The Disconnect In Natural Gas"