What's Next for MarketClub Webinars?

MarketClub is excited to bring some great topics to the table in the next few weeks! These topics range from a beginner's to a more experienced trading level and we hope you'll be able to find a subject or two among them that you can attend and learn from.

Upcoming topics include:

January 29th - “MarketClub’s Scanning Tools” presented by Jeremy Lutz
February 5th - Beginner’s Trading Terminology presented by Susan Jackson & Lindsay Thompson
February 12th - MarketClub’s “World Commodity Portfolio" presented by Adam Hewison
February 19th - MarketClub’s “Perfect Portfolio” presented by Adam Hewison

We look forward to seeing you at upcoming presentations and welcome your suggestions for webinar subjects and feedback.

See you soon!

Susan Jackson
Webinar Administrator
INO.com & MarketClub

How Did the World Cup Portfolio Fare in Q4?

The last quarter of '09 proved to be the sweetest quarter for the year for a World Cup Portfolio. For the quarter, we had a dollar return of $16,041.75 before commissions, which is approximately a 32% return on capital. The World Cup Portfolio (WCP) needs $50,000 to run and is based on double margins for every market. Double margins mean that by depositing twice the amount of money that is required by the exchanges, you are effectively de-leveraging the instrument you are trading. We consider this a more conservative approach to the commodity markets.

The Q4 results have proven to be very successful for MarketClub members using this strategy. With a 90% win rate, the World Cup Portfolio stands out as being an excellent investment vehicle over the long-term. It is interesting to note that the only market that has scored successfully in every quarter is the wheat market. The other five markets: corn, soybeans, crude oil, gold and the dollar index have all come in between the 80 and 90% range.

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