CVS Delivers Strong Second Quarter

Noah Kiedrowski - Contributor - Biotech


CVS Health Corporation (NYSE:CVS) recently announced fantastic Q2 2016 numbers across the board. Increased EPS growth, revenue and free cash flow coupled with dividends and share buybacks bode well for CVS investors. CVS’s acquisitions of Target pharmacies and Omnicare are becoming fully integrated under the CVS umbrella. Collectively, these are great attributes that drive shareholder value over the long-term. I’ve written several articles presenting a compelling investment opportunity in the growing healthcare space via CVS. My investment thesis is based on the fact that CVS has been highly acquisitive, continues to deliver robust earnings growth, revenue growth, growing dividends and has an aggressive share buyback program in place. CVS recently reported fantastic quarterly results for Q2 2016 in 2016, positioning itself for long-term success. With its recent acquisitions of Target’s pharmacies and Omnicare, these proactive measures will significantly expand its presence and ability to dispense prescriptions to the general public and in long-term care facilities. As healthcare costs continue to rise (specifically prescription drug costs) and the population continues to age with the elderly comprising a larger segment of the overall population, CVS looks poised to benefit. The release of its Q2 2016 earnings reiterates this premise while the company is maintaining its growth narrative. I content that CVS will continue to deliver sustained growth and position itself for long-term success to drive shareholder value. Continue reading "CVS Delivers Strong Second Quarter"