Interesting Smart Scan Results That May Surprise You

This morning I was using MarketClub's Smart Scan and noticed something that perfectly reflects the current market conditions we are experiencing right now. The number of chart Scores of +100 and -100 indicating strong upside and downside trends were practically even. This illustrates the lack a unified consensus either way for a strong bull or a bear market.

Eventually this balance will change one way or the other, but for now caution is not a bad word to use or practice in this market.

The Haves And The Have-Nots

No, I'm not talking about politics or political correctness, I'm talking about stocks that have everything going for them and other wannabe stocks that for whatever reason do not have that same mojo.

Here are 5 stocks that everything going for them: Continue reading "Interesting Smart Scan Results That May Surprise You"

Big Data Goes Hollywood: Alfred Maydorn

Special Situations: The ability to introduce technological innovations that disrupt established markets has long been a hallmark of capitalist success, as new firms with cutting-edge technologies overtake older, less-nimble companies tied to outmoded systems. What are some notable examples of innovations that have changed the way information and data services are sold?

Alfred Maydorn: The major technological transformation of our time is in how information is created and distributed on the Internet. Within that historic disruption there continue to be multiple disruptions and opportunities for gutsy investors. Never forget that Inc. (AMZN:NASDAQ) and Google Inc. (GOOG:NASDAQ) began as small, disruptive start-ups. These companies are now e-commerce giants, rivaling Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT:NYSE) for market share. Continue reading "Big Data Goes Hollywood: Alfred Maydorn"