There Will Be No Santa Claus Rally This Year

Hello traders and MarketClub members everywhere! Every December it's the same tune, the "Santa Claus Rally." That happens when the market rallies and closes close to or at its best levels for the year. I for one am not sure that is going to take place this year, and here's the reason why.

Late last night, I think it was about 12:30AM, I posted on our member blog that Friday could turn real ugly! I came to that conclusion based on yesterday's market action which had to disappoint the bulls with the weak market close. Couple yesterday's market action with the action we saw on Wednesday and you can put together a composite picture of just how this market is beginning to fall on its own weight. Should the S&P 500 close lower today, it will be the biggest weekly loss in over two months, not a good sign.

One of the key areas I'm are watching today on the NASDAQ is 4,653. Should this level be broken and I expect it will be, that will put all three of the indices in a trading range indicating that intermediate-term traders should be on the sidelines. This analysis dovetails very well with my December view of the markets. Continue reading "There Will Be No Santa Claus Rally This Year"

Penny Stocks are an Essential Element for Traders

Due to the recent and unfortunate oil spill in the Gulf, many of us are seeing the effect on the stock market and wondering what the future may hold. C. Thornton makes reference to this hot topic, providing an example for a momentum trading strategy. He offers other intriguing strategies in regards to penny stocks that you will find in this article. If you like what you read, be sure to check him out further at Buy Sell Short


Penny stocks have long carried the mantra of the ugly step child when it comes to trading stocks on Wall Street, mostly because of the shenanigans prevalent in the OTC/BB market. However, traders that turn a blind eye towards small cap penny stocks are missing out on a great profit-generating sector of the market, a segment of the market that tends to outperform its large cap brethren in the early stages of an economic recovery, much like the one we are in the midst of right now. Continue reading "Penny Stocks are an Essential Element for Traders"