Crisis Investing 101: How to Protect Your Portfolio With Commodities

I'll never forget my first meeting with uber-investor and hedge fund manager, Jim Rogers. He was my market hero of sorts, having founded the Quantum Fund with George Soros. He has explored the world by motorcycle and automobile, all while writing about his adventures and being a fixture on financial news TV shows. I have met some quirky characters in the financial markets, but he was the first to chat with me while jogging on a treadmill.

Rogers is known as being a huge proponent of commodities. His new book, Hot Commodities, lays out the case for commodity investments extensively.

He has reinforced the notion that commodities are different from stocks in that they represent life's necessities rather than simply a company's profits. Commodities are all around us and are far simpler investments than stocks -- they're purely driven by supply and demand.  Continue reading "Crisis Investing 101: How to Protect Your Portfolio With Commodities"