Gold & Gold Miners are closing in on a major bottom

“You can’t understand what lays ahead if you don’t understand the past”

            ~  Satellite,  Rise Against  ~

Members of my service as well as long time readers know that I do a lot of analysis based on the past. I am constantly looking at long-term historical price charts and data. As a trader, I am always looking for an edge.

Obviously the keys to long-term success involve proper position sizing, risk management mechanisms, and ultimately leveraging probability. Professional traders are masters of these tenets. These characteristics are what separate successful traders from average traders over the long haul.

Sometimes through my rigorous analysis I come across price charts and oscillators that help put together a picture that helps shape my view of the marketplace. The past few months have been some of the most difficult market conditions that I have seen in some time. Continue reading "Gold & Gold Miners are closing in on a major bottom"

Are Women Better Traders than Men?

By: Chris Irvin, Veteran Instructor & Trader at The Wizard

The answer may be yes.  How do I know? My wife told me… that’s how.  Actually there is some scientific evidence that may back up this idea.  Now keep in mind that I am about to explain something that is way above my pay grade, but I will do my best.  The brain, in both men and women, is divided up in hemispheres typically known as the left brain and the right brain.  The left brain is the side responsible for logical, sequential and rational thought.  The right brain deals with random, intuitive and creative processes.  There is no difference between the sexes in this regard.  The difference between men and women comes in the link between the two sides.  It is called the Corpus Collosum.   The Corpus Collosum is a thick band of nerves that connects the left and right brain. According to a number of studies, including one by L.S. Allen, MF Richey, YM Chai and RA Gorski, which was published in the December 14th 2011 issue of the Journal of Neurosciences, there are differences in this connection between the sexes.  The study was called “Sex differences in the corpus callosum of the living human being.”  The researchers concluded this: Continue reading "Are Women Better Traders than Men?"

Turds & Gladiators

By way of NFTRH subscriber MetalAugmentor, a reputable and hard working mining stock fundamental research service to which I also subscribe, comes this thread talking about an entity called Turd Ferguson.

Turd is an offshoot of Zero Hedge, is apparently a really popular blogger among gold bugs and is cooking up plans to do battle with the 'cartel'.  'Silverax' also highlights Jim Sinclair and his own Golden Idea on how to break the cartel.  When I read something like "what we need is Maximus, the financial gladiator" I just cringe. Continue reading "Turds & Gladiators"