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We had so many amazing organizations and events that we wanted to select for our August INO Cares Campaign. We just couldn’t choose between them, so we decided to carryover the giving into September.

If you recall, in August we sent a donation to Hope For Guatemala, as a close friend of the INO.com family was traveling to the area on a missions trip. Read all about the organization and Richard Lusk’s adventure.
Duffey Footprints
This month, we would like to highlight two causes that are very near and dear to our hearts!

INO.com partner, David Maher and his wife, Amy Maher, are very involved in the youth program at their church in Moorefield, West Virginia. Amy and Dave are passionate about personal and spiritual health in their tight-knit community. Along with other church members, the Mahers helped the youth group and community members train and prepare for a 5K. The final event was the Duffy Footprints 5k/1Mile Race to raise money for the new Family Life Center and youth programs at Duffey Memorial United Methodist Church.

This self-improvement program used the Run For God curriculum. Run For God began as a 2010 Bible study that paralleled faith and endurance. Since then, tens of thousands have walked successfully though this program and many have adopted new lifestyles which value both physical and spiritual health.

The Mahers also recognize that their home state of West Virginia is a state with one of the highest obesity rates in the country. The CDC reports that 67.4% of adults living in West Virginia are overweight and adolescent obesity is on an up-trend. The Duffy Footprints 5k/1Mile Race was an amazing opportunity to promote healthy living and exercise in their community, while also raising money for a Family Life Center that will help strengthen families in their spiritual faith.

The Duffy Footprints Race took place on August 2nd, 2014. There were approximately 115 runners and the event raised $3,100.

INO.com was proud to sponsor this race and provided the t-shirts for the runners. Because of this, 100% of the registration fee and race proceeds were given to the Duffey Memorial UMC to support their Family Life Center program. We hope that the congregation will make this an annual event!


There was also a cause that came up quickly and we felt compelled to send aid. In August we wrote about Traders For Toni. This fundraiser was set-up by some of the most well-known and respected traders in the industry to help fellow trader, Toni Hansen.

Toni Hansen is a mother, author, trader, teacher, and friend to many people in the trading community. She has personal relationships with those here at INO.com and her call for help has been heard loud and clear!

After blacking out at home, Toni was taken to the ER. After numerous hospital visits, spinal taps, CT scans and MRIs, Toni has been accurately diagnosed with a spinal fluid leak. The doctors were able to treat her and she is currently in the recovery process. Unfortunately, her insurance company has denied a bulk of her claim and her medical bills have become unmanageable.

INO.com has made a donation to Toni to help ease the burden of out-of-pocket costs for her procedure. To learn more about Toni’s story or to make a contribution, please visit her fundraising page.

If you have any ideas for a future INO Cares campaign, please send them our way!


The INO Cares Team

A Strategy for Every Trader: Wave Trading

By: Toni Hansen of Trade Station

When you picture a trading strategy that can be applied to literally any asset class what does it look like? In more than 15 years of trading, there is one particular pattern that I've fallen in love with. I use it to scalp the index futures and to invest in my IRA. It's served me well through bull markets, bear markets, and those times in between as the trends reverse. In this video, I'm sharing it with you. It's a pattern that will look familiar to many of you, but unless you've been following my work over the years, you've probably never been shown what it is that makes it so successful. And without those details, you probably struggled to find that level of success. Watch it. Study it. Trade it. And then let me know what you think!

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