Applying Technical Methods to Today's Trading

Excerpt from John Murphy's seminar, “Applying Technical Methods To Today's Trading,” offered on INO TV Free...


For those of you that trade the futures markets, there are a lot of other things outside the future markets that you should be following. But, I guess my bigger message is... for those of you that aren't in the futures markets, whether you trade them or not, the futures markets have a tremendous impact on what happens in the other markets.

I keep pointing out to the Wall Street crowd for example, that if you're going to trade stocks, you have to know what's happening in the futures markets, because they affect inflation, they affect interest rates, they affect stock groups, and they play a tremendously important part in the whole financial spectrum.”


In this seminar, Murphy shares his non-traditional methods for selecting markets to trade based around commodity trends and leading indicators. His intermarket analysis is put in action to show just how commodities can put a drag or a rocket under a stock.

Murphy is a former CNBC analyst, the principal of JJM Technical Advisors, and author of Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets (1986), Intermarket Analysis (1991), and The Visual Investor (1996)

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Classic Trading Videos

Over the years, the trades you take will change, but the fundamentals you need to trade will always stay the same. With this in mind, we've dug into our vault and pulled out some of the best, most worthwhile Classic Trading Videos we could find.

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Reducing Risk In Options featuring Larry McMillan

Larry McMillan explains just how easy it is to trade options. In this fascinating trading seminar, Larry shares his a short-term trading system and philosophy on options. Larry is a best-selling finance author and an expert on options trading.

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"Perfect Portfolio" Webinar this Friday

You have probably seen the posts below about MarketClub's "Perfect Portfolio", but if you haven't, now is a great time to catch up on them to get ready for this week's "Perfect Portfolio" webinar:

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On Friday, Adam is going to go into detail about this hypothetical portfolio and it's conservative strategy.  This set-up is "perfect" for those of us who don't want to look at our brokerage accounts every day.

The "Perfect Portfolio" covers 4 ETF's and Adam will look at each and also cover the strategy used to trade them.

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Beginners Terminology Webinar Canceled

Unfortunately due to the expected seriousness of the coastal mid-Atlantic storm on Friday, we are canceling tomorrows webinar.

We have rescheduled tomorrow's webinar for Friday, February 26th. You can register or re-register for the Beginners Trading Terminology webinar by clicking here.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but hope you'll be able to join us on February 26th instead.

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