Define Value and Determine Momentum

Today we've asked our friend John Seguin to discuss his groundbreaking trading strategy. John has been member of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) since 1986 and is a seasoned veteran of the trading floor. Working as a broker and analyst for dealer firms such as, DCNY, Greenwich Capital, Sanwa Bank and FIMAT. During his tenure in the trading pits, John began working on an enhanced trading system to address the key components needed to enter high probability trades with defined risk. When industry migration from floor to screen began to unfold, he also took the challenge of producing sound and timely trading strategies for off-the-floor traders to task seeking alternative methods to fill the void of real time information floor traders were able to collect from watching order flow in the trading pits. John has agreed to give our Trader's Blog readers free access to the macrograph charts for two weeks. Continue reading "Define Value and Determine Momentum"

"Saturday Seminars" - Trade System Evaluation Methods

System developers all too often design systems that produce excellent returns on paper while disregarding real world influences. David presents a few of his own personal trading programs and discusses how to properly evaluate their returns.

This seminar reviews Dynamic Zones, Average RSI, VIX, Best Day system, Trix, and the KST System. David discloses the programming code for most of the systems discussed. The evaluation of these systems centers on statistical methods that highlight the strengths and weaknesses of any trading system. David also discusses his favorite trading instruments: OEX options and the Rydex Nova and Ursa mutual funds. He summarizes his relatively conservative approach to trading the general market through the use of these investment vehicles.

David Stendahl is a professional trader, registered investment advisor and Vice President of TradeSignals. David co-founded RINA Systems in 1995, a firm specializing in performance analysis software for traders and investors. He specializes in S&P futures, OEX options and S&P Index funds.


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