Will These Obstacles Slow The Market's Bullish Trend?

The bellwether SP 500 traded completely inside of last Monday's trading range from Tuesday through Thursday of last week, indicating near-term investor indecision, before staging a tentative move to new all-time highs on Friday. Friday's move to new highs, despite a sharp downward revision in Q4 2014 GDP and amid worries about Russian intervention in Ukraine, was an impressive show of bullish investor conviction and is characteristic of a market that wants to go higher. Continue reading "Will These Obstacles Slow The Market's Bullish Trend?"

Lowest Trailing P/E Ratio In 2 Decades, But...

Today we have a special guest blogger, Price Headley of Big Trends. Price is a Traders Hall of Fame inductee and is a regular contributor on CNBC, Fox News and Bloomberg Television, and in a variety of print and online financial news outlets. Today Price will share some of his insight on the recent sell-off and his predictions on the week ahead. Be sure to look over Price’s shoulder as he trades with 3 Months of his Investor’s Edge Newsletter FREE!

If you thought two weeks ago was rough, last week's 7.0% slide made the previous week's 4.0% pullback look like child's play. There is sort of' a bright spot in there though, IF the bulls play their cards right and the bears still aren't angry. (That's a big if though.)

Before we slice and dice the market though, let's run down last week's and this week's big economic numbers.

Economic Calendar:

Even relatively good news was treated like bad news last week by expert market analysts. Mainly, a slightly optimistic employment picture still didn't stave off some serious selling. The unemployment rate fell from 9.2% to 9.1%; job creation easily topped the expected figure of 100K with 154K new payrolls added, and unemployment claims basically held steady. Nobody cared. Continue reading "Lowest Trailing P/E Ratio In 2 Decades, But..."

Systemic Risk and the VIX

As many of you know we here at INO are huge Norman Hallett fans. He's been a featured guest blogger here many times (see previous posts) and today I asked him to give us an exclusive preview to his new book, "Taming Risk - A trader's guide".  His post below covers Systemic Risk and the VIX. This information is extremely helpful so be sure and read on! Also for the next day or two only, he's allowing complimentary downloads of the complete book. I have read the ebook (2 days ago actually) and I can honestly say you WILL learn something that you didn't know before about risk and money management. So enjoy Norman's kindness and enjoy the special INO members only message where you can download the full book! Oh yeah comment...he wants to hear from you.


Good Morning Trader's Blog readers!

Sentiment is emotion. In regards to how the entire investing public feels about the market can be measured in many ways and the market indices are good general objective measures of how investors and traders feel about the systematic risk in the markets.

One of the more popular measures of sentiment and systemic risk is the VIX...

Continue reading "Systemic Risk and the VIX"

"Saturday Seminars" - Trade System Evaluation Methods

System developers all too often design systems that produce excellent returns on paper while disregarding real world influences. David presents a few of his own personal trading programs and discusses how to properly evaluate their returns.

This seminar reviews Dynamic Zones, Average RSI, VIX, Best Day system, Trix, and the KST System. David discloses the programming code for most of the systems discussed. The evaluation of these systems centers on statistical methods that highlight the strengths and weaknesses of any trading system. David also discusses his favorite trading instruments: OEX options and the Rydex Nova and Ursa mutual funds. He summarizes his relatively conservative approach to trading the general market through the use of these investment vehicles.

David Stendahl is a professional trader, registered investment advisor and Vice President of TradeSignals. David co-founded RINA Systems in 1995, a firm specializing in performance analysis software for traders and investors. He specializes in S&P futures, OEX options and S&P Index funds.


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