Smart Scan Can Keep You On Track In Any Market

MarketClub's Smart Scan technology contains an amazing amount of information that you can use to help trade with the trend. Smart Scan can also alert you to changes in the bigger picture for the general market.

Let me share with you and example of how that would work. Looking at the graph below, you'll see a series of numbers, 1 through 4. I've illustrated the graph with these numbers to showcase what's going on right now in the general market.

1. "Long-Term Trend Up +90 (178)" - This means only 178 stocks have a +90 reading or higher.

2. "Long-Term Down -90 (832)" - This means 832 stocks are trending down and have a reading of -90 or lower. The number of stocks in a strong downtrend clearly outweighs the number of stocks in an uptrend over 4:1.

3. Looking at the stocks making "52-Week Highs," we see only 35.

4. The number of stocks making "52-Week Lows" is 646, which far outweighs the number of stocks that are making new highs.

At this point in time, I think it's clear to say that negative trend is winning out and in the majority.

In each of the 24 scans found in Smart Scan, it can really tell the story of the market. I highly recommend you spend some time looking at Smart Scan to see how you can successfully incorporate some of these scans into your own trading approach.

I find I constantly go back to this tool, not only to find stocks that are making new highs and trending higher, but also to see what's making new lows and what opportunities there are to short the market.

Every success with MarketClub,
Adam Hewison
Co-Creator, MarketClub

Class is in session: Intro to MarketClub

Click to WatchAfter reading that 51% of respondents in our poll were planning to review their trading strategy, we figured it was the perfect time to point out all of the learning resources available to current members as well as those who may be interested in becoming a MarketClub member.

One of the things that sets MarketClub apart from other trading services is that we go out of our way to provide you with a dynamic variety of MarketClub training. We don't just limit this training to a help section (although we have a great one!) or a tutorial (we also have a great one of these as well!), but also through our live, complimentary webinar presentations and recordings.

One of our most popular and educational videos on MarketClub is our Intro to MarketClub video (click this link or the image to the right to view) . In it, Jeremy Lutz and Susan Jackson cover all the bases and basics you need to know to get started with this powerful system and to start using our "Trade Triangles" and all of the other features that MarketClub has to offer. Continue reading "Class is in session: Intro to MarketClub"

Reminder: Intro to MarketClub Webinar

Don't forget to join MarketClub experts Susan Jackson & Jeremy Lutz  help you understand the basics of MarketClub such as: navigating the charts, “Trade Triangle” strategies, email alerts, and scanning capabilities today at 4pm EDT (8pm GMT).

Whether you're on a trial, already a member, or interested in learning more about our premium advisory service and our "Trade Triangle" buy and sell signals, we encourage you to join and sign-up today.

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Learn to scan for trades using MarketClub

Tomorrow MarketClub experts Jeremy and Susan will be covering MarketClub's scanning features during our, "How to Use MarketClub's Scanning Tools" webinar. From being able to scan for new "Trade Triangles" to using our Smart Scan to find new 52-week highs and take advantage of Adam's "52-week highs on Friday rule", you'll gain a new perspective on using these tools.

This webinar is open to everyone, so whether you're already a member and want to get more out of the service, or thinking of joining, register today to take advantage of this free MarketClub training opportunity.

Register for MarketClub's Scanning Webinar - July 1st at 4pm EDT / 8pm GMT

If you can't make it to the live presentation, don't worry, the recording will be posted on our Bonuses and Videos page.

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Share your MarketClub Strategy

Trader's Blog readers and viewers of Adam's trading videos are well aware of MarketClub's suggested strategy, but in March, I wrote a blog post asking members to tell us about their strategy and possibly share it via a MarketClub webinar. Since then, we've produced two popular webinars with two very different member strategies, but we need more - especially if you're a forex or long-term trader.

The concept is to have members who have established their own MarketClub approach and would be comfortable sharing, to participate in a webinar attended by other members and participants. Ideally, you would take us through a typical day of using the service. This is a very simple example, but an idea of what we're looking for: Continue reading "Share your MarketClub Strategy"