Penny Stock Investing

Steve Zelin from Zantrio has provided some great guidelines for trading penny stocks and finding the right broker for you without putting your investment at risk. The goal at Zantrio Trading is to bring the world wide group of financially oriented individuals together, to share their valuable financial ideologies. We hope you will enjoy his article and comment below.


With the massive undertaking of the cleanup for the BP Gulf Oil Spill heating up, investors are looking intensely, although with extreme caution, into penny stocks that provide specialized services to clean up chemicals, such as oil. Savvy investors as well as small, even first time investors seem to be willing to fork over a small amount of disposable cash, to take a chance at that potential, big shot with these penny stocks. With so many websites on the Internet that provide penny stock tips, investors should give serious consideration before utilizing these frequently ruthless, pump and dump schemes however, we are not implying that all of these sites provide bogus or misleading information. Before taking any recommendation from these penny stock tip websites, investors should investigate as to whether the website is being reimbursed for promoting any particular penny stock. Frequently, potential investors will find that these websites are in fact being compensated for promoting a particular penny stock thus; investors should do their own extensive research prior to risking any amount of money on even the most appealing, penny stock tip. Continue reading "Penny Stock Investing"

Strategies, Tips, and Tools - Reserve your spot today

We've been working on some exciting new webinar topics here at MarketClub, as well as working to provide the basics for new members, trial members, and those who are just interested in learning how MarketClub works.

Read more below to find out more and register for one of these upcoming web seminars:

Today, April 16th at 4pm EDT / 8pm GMT, "Intro to MarketClub"

Watch and learn as MarketClub experts Susan Jackson & Jeremy Lutz  help you understand the basics of MarketClub such as: navigating the charts, "Trade Triangle" strategies, email alerts, and scanning capabilities.

Friday, April 30th at 4pm EDT / 8pm GMT, "MarketClub Member Strategies with Loic"

In our first MarketClub Member Strategy webinar, Loic, an active futures trader in Marseille, France, will share how he uses the system to complement his trading strategy. He will show everything from how he uses MarketClub alerts to stay aware of markets on his watch-list to determining when to enter trade using our signals and below-chart studies.

Monday, May 10th at 4pm EDT / 8pm GMT, "Broker FAQ"

MarketClub has invited panelists from several major brokerages to help you learn more about the people and companies who help you manage your money. This webinar is your opportunity to ask and have answered all of the questions that you've always wanted to know about brokers and brokerages - from common FAQ to setting up an account from overseas.

To reserve your spot, all you need to do is select one or all of the links above and register today. We look forward to seeing you at one of these upcoming presentations.

Susan Jackson
Director of MarketClub Education & MarketClub

October Trader's Blog Contest Winner

There were 79 eligible entries for the October Trader's Blog Contest. Thank you for everyone who participated. I think that sharing your views of the market and certain specific aspects are a great help for all traders.

The lucky winner of 6 seminars from our INO TV digital library was comment number 66, Ray from the United States who said, "I like the candlestick formation and what they can tell me about the buyers and sellers as well as whether we are in an oversold area or not."

Congrats Ray, your discs will be shipped out today. Don't forget to enter our November Trader's Blog Contest sponsored by INO TV, where the question is, "What is your worst broker experience, if any?"



The INO TV Team

Trader's Blog Contest For November

Isn't it hard to sit back and let someone else manage your money? If you are going take a loss wouldn't you rather it be your fault opposed to your broker?

Have you had an experience where you were talked into a overpriced mutual fund, paid an over inflated commission fee or been caught in a "churning cycle" where your broker is cashing in commission on pointless trades? What was your worst experience with a money manager or full service broker? I'm sure we have plenty of horror stories, so why not vent, share and win.

So the question is…

“What is your worst broker experience?”


Winner will receive 6 workshops on trader psychology from our authors in INO TV. These MP3s and digital PDF workbooks will be mailed to you courtesy of INO TV.

Slump Busting Techniques -Linda Raschke
How You Can Be Right When The Crowd Losses – Jake Bernstien
New Samuri Secrets for Trading: Motivation & Focus – Richard McCall
The Wyckoff Method – Using Principals of Mass Psychology – Hank Pruden
Developing the Psychological Edge to Maximize Your Trading – Robin Dayne
The Dynamics of a Trader's Mindset – Mark Douglas

How To Enter:

Comment on this post telling us about your worst broker experience. There are no wrong answers. We just want to you to share your thoughts and stories with our other visitors.


1. This contest is open until 11:59 PM on November 30th.

2. No wrong answers, any participation counts as an entry.

3. One entry per email address.

4. Winner will be picked by random integer software.

5. Winner will be contacted on Monday, December 1st via email.

Good luck!

Fire your broker and make money!!

Fire your broker and take control of your own money ... and stop listening to Jim Cramer unless you want to lose more money.

We are serious. According to BARRON'S magazine Cramer has been consistent in one thing and that is underperforming the markets. This is the same guy who recommended buying Wachovia and we all know how that turned out!!

Check out this new FOX TV ad. FOX did not pay us a penny to run this YouTube ad on our blog, we just thought that it really said what a lot of us already know. The king (Cramer) has no clothes.

There is a simple antidote to market chaos and bad advice from your broker or Jim Cramer's putrid picks and that is Try it out and check out our track record. If a positive road map and positive returns in turbulent times makes sense to you then try out a 30 day risk free trial to MarketClub.

I am betting you will be glad you did.

Adam Hewison
Co-Creator, MarketClub