MarketClub TV- Portfolio Manager

If you weren't able to participate as one of the many LIVE viewers of MarketClub TV last night, that's okay...we recorded it! See what you missed, and join Susan as she navigates through the new MarketClub Portfolio Manager. Even if you have been a loyal user of our service, Susan may introduce you to a nifty feature that you didn't know existed.

Also, we want to congratulate our winner from last night's show. Maria Nar won herself a free one year membership to MarketClub. Thanks for participating Maria!

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See you next week!

The MarketClub Team

October Trader's Blog Contest Winner

There were 79 eligible entries for the October Trader's Blog Contest. Thank you for everyone who participated. I think that sharing your views of the market and certain specific aspects are a great help for all traders.

The lucky winner of 6 seminars from our INO TV digital library was comment number 66, Ray from the United States who said, "I like the candlestick formation and what they can tell me about the buyers and sellers as well as whether we are in an oversold area or not."

Congrats Ray, your discs will be shipped out today. Don't forget to enter our November Trader's Blog Contest sponsored by INO TV, where the question is, "What is your worst broker experience, if any?"



The INO TV Team

Trader's Blog Contest Winner...

Congratulations to Michael P. of Ontario, Canada for winning the first ever Trader's Blog contest. You will receive your iPod touch courtesy of and shortly. Thanks for everyone who participated. It was fun to read those could-a, would-a, should-a moments... now it's time to make them happen.

We asked visitors to write about a trade that they wish they would have entered. Here is what Michael wrote:


"One of the best Canadian stocks to play the Canadian Oil Sands is Canadian Oil Sands Trust…COS.UN on the TSX. Around October 2006, rumors started swirling around in the Canadian press that the Canadian Federal government was going to tax all the Income trusts like a corporation, thus any owner of Income trusts would pay double taxes. Well on Oct 31st..Halloween..after market close, they confirmed these rumors. When the market opened on Nov. 1st, COS.UN plunged to a low of $24.32, over 20% in one day. It scared everybody including me because I owned 1300 units. I wish I had taken the contrary view that day and bought more. I would have realized a gain of over 100% in a little over a year, not to mention the 50% increase in the dividend payout since that time!!!"


We plan to have many more contests, so stayed tuned and keep interacting with us and again congrats to Michael.