Trader's Toolbox: Williams %R

MarketClub is known for our "Trade Triangle" technology. However, if you have used other technical analysis indicators previously, you can use a combination of the studies and other techniques in conjunction with the "Trade Triangles" to further confirm trends.

Williams' %R oscillator, attributed to Larry Williams, is a variation of the stochastics indicator previously discussed. Because the two oscillators are essentially the same, only minor modifications to the formula are required. The formula for calculating %R is: %R = Hn – C / Hn – Ln where Hn = highest high of the period, C = Close of the current period and Ln = lowest low of the period.

The %R oscillator differs from the %K formula in the stochastics indicator because the outcome of each formula is inverse to the other. In other words, %K compares the close with the lowest low, whereas %R compares the close with the highest high. Similar to other oscillators, %R is plotted with horizontal zones of 20% and 80%. When the indicator has a reading of -80% or below it signifies an oversold condition. Similarly, a reading of -20% or above signals an overbought condition.


You can learn more about the Williams %R and Larry Williams by visiting INO TV.

See How Your Fellow Traders Do It...

See how your peers are trading and which strategies work best for them! On last night's episode of MarketClub TV, Manisha, a MarketClub member, shared her tactics on how she manages successful trades using MarketClub's trade triangles and tools.

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MarketClub TV- Portfolio Manager

If you weren't able to participate as one of the many LIVE viewers of MarketClub TV last night, that's okay...we recorded it! See what you missed, and join Susan as she navigates through the new MarketClub Portfolio Manager. Even if you have been a loyal user of our service, Susan may introduce you to a nifty feature that you didn't know existed.

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MarketClub TV - Making the most out of your Portfolio Manager

Just because Adam is out of the office, doesn't mean that the work stops. Tonight Susan and Jeremy will be conducting MarketClub TV (LIVE) from the studios of MarketClub. They will be doing something a little different that we think you are sure to appreciate. Susan will show you how to navigate through MarketClub with ease and make the most out of our "Trade Triangles" and charts using MarketClub's Portfolio Manager. Whether you are new to MarketClub, or a long time veteran, you don't want to miss this.

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Afternoon Market Update (4/19/2011)

The dollar had a strong day yesterday, but did it hold true for today's position? What is the next target zone for crude oil? These are just a few questions I address in today's market update. Also, don't be afraid of our "Parabolic Studies" tool. It can help you better understand the trend lines.

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