Tupperware and ATMs – Gold Goes Mainstream

Today's guest post is by Jeff Clark, editor for the gold bugs over at BIG GOLD. Leave us a comment and let us know what you think, has gold gone mainstream? Are we finally going to see the huge move in gold we keep hearing about?


Are we there yet? Are we there yet? We gold bugs are like little kids on a trip to the zoo; we just can’t wait to get there. “There” being the elusive point in time when the gold mania (no, make that Gold Mania) hits and everyone and their cat will want to invest in the yellow metal. Which of course will propel its price to dizzying heights. $1,500… $2,000… $5,000 an ounce – the sky’s the limit. At least that’s how the theory goes.

But it’s not just a theory anymore: in the past year, we’ve been seeing unmistakable signs that gold indeed may be going mainstream.

For example, we have always said that when the Mania phase of this gold bull market really got underway, mobs would break down the doors of pawn shops and coin dealers in order to get their fill of the yellow metal. Continue reading "Tupperware and ATMs – Gold Goes Mainstream"



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Gold Skyrockets To New Three-Month High

Gold Skyrockets To New Three-Month High

Today's action in gold (XAUUSDO) pushed all of our "Trade Triangles" into a positive position, reconfirming the bullish outlook for this metal. This morning our daily "Trade Triangle" indicator, dynamically flashed a buy signal at $919.70. This market action has caused all of our weighed criteria to move in a positive direction, including our monthly "Trade Triangle" which issued when the price moved over the $932 level.

This market is now in a fully fledged Bull Run and I expected to see the $1,000 an ounce level reached in the not too distant future.