S&P 500
-4.76 -0.22%
Dow Indu
-53.72 -0.29%
-1.43 -0.03%
Crude Oil
-0.84 -1.38%
-0.575 -0.05%
-0.011565 -1.04%
US Dollar
+0.615 +0.79%

Hey, It's Just The Cost Of Doing Business

Today the Justice Department announced that it was levying fines against some of the world's major banks for rigging the foreign-exchange markets. The fines announced totaled $2.8 billion. Yes, I know that's a lot of money, but the reality is it's just the cost of doing business for these banks.

If the Justice Department really wants to get serious on this issue I think they should put some of these bankers in jail, that's what they fear the most - not the money fines. Jail time is the answer to stamping out the illegal activity and white collar crime.

Meanwhile, Citigroup Inc. (NYSE:C), a stock I discussed last week as a buy, is practically unchanged for the day and remains higher for the week. The fines levied by the Justice Department against the banks were like water off a duck's back.

In today's video, I'm going to be looking at all the major markets including the three major indices. I will also be looking at gold, crude oil and the euro and time permitting, one or two stocks.

Tell us what you think, do you think that these bankers should go to jail or was the fine large enough to satisfy everyone?

Have a great day treating everyone.

Every success with MarketClub,
Adam Hewison
President, INO.com
Co-Creator, MarketClub

8 Stocks Worth Looking At This Monday

Hello traders and MarketClub members everywhere. I found these 8 stocks using the Trade Triangles scan. Each of the stocks flashed continuation signals to the upside today. The only exception was one ETF, which gave a major buy signal with a new monthly Trade Triangle.

Let's begin with the ETF that gave the major buy signal.

The ETF is:

iShares Silver Trust (PACF:SLV)
The Trust seeks to reflect generally the performance of the price of silver. The Trust seeks to reflect such performance before payment of the Trust’s expenses and liabilities. The Trust is not actively managed. It does not engage in any activities designed to obtain a profit from, or to ameliorate losses caused by, changes in the price of silver. The Trust receives silver deposited with it in exchange for the creation of Baskets of Shares, sells silver as necessary to cover the Trust expenses and other liabilities and delivers silver in exchange for Baskets of Shares surrendered to it for redemption.

Here are the other 7 stocks and an ETF that gave continuation signals to the upside: [Read more...]

Classic Indicators - Back to the Future

Charismatic professional trader Linda Raschke employs classic methods handed down by the forefathers of technical analysis. Join in and let Linda guide you in a first rate keynote address given at an international trading conference. Get back to the basics and refine your skills by seeking the wisdom of a proven market wizard. Classic Indicators is for everyone. Whether you are a short-term trader in the S&P 500, enjoy trading stocks or just a student of the markets, you'll love this video.

Recognized in Jack Schwager's own classic, "The New Market Wizards", Linda shares her favorite trading techniques in this video presentation that you'll watch over and over again. Learn valuable techniques, how to stay disciplined and what it takes to keep you running at full speed!

Watch Now : Classic Indicators

The INO.com Team

5 Stocks You Need To Know About

Well it's Friday and it's been quite a week, but I found five stocks that I believe will do well in the coming weeks.

Three of these stocks are going to be weekend trades as they just made 52-week highs today. The other two stocks gave Trade Triangle signals and are moving out of great chart formations. Both look ready to go higher and I will show you why I think they're headed higher and why I think you should be looking at them seriously.

Here are the three stocks I like for weekend trades: [Read more...]

Did You Miss These Two Signals?

At the beginning of the week, I stated that this week would be a game changing week. It's beginning to play out that way with tomorrow being the key day.

Yesterday, the Trade Triangles issued a major buy signal in gold (FOREX:XAUUSDO). Could this possibly be indicating that inflation is on its way? I have said all along that the only way the United States can get out of its multi-trillion dollar deficit hole is to inflate asset prices.

Today, the Trade Triangles issued a buy signal on the Dow (INDEX:DJI). Can the NASDAQ and S&P 500 follow behind?

In today's video, I will be looking at gold and where I think it's headed to the upside and the implications it could have on equity prices. [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why This Week Could Be A Game Changer

Hello everyone, welcome to the beginning of a new trading week and what could be a game-changing week for the markets.

What stood out to me last week was the massive rally on Friday with the jobs numbers that were perceived to be better than expected. If that were not enough over the weekend, we had interest rates cut in China, with stocks over there rallying to the best levels in two weeks.

Here are the three reasons why I think stocks have the potential to go higher. [Read more...]

Need Help Finding Trending Markets?

Larry Levin reveals trending markets and shows techniques to help be more successful in the markets. Using examples and charting patterns, this video shows specific rules to help determine trends.

Watch Now:Trending Markets

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The INOTV Team

Did This Multi-Billion Dollar Company Just Make A Major Reversal To The Upside?

Today, I'm going to be looking at a very well-known stock that has all the tell-tale signs of having put in a major low this week. This company also just announced a new CEO, as well as a significant earnings beat.

In addition to this stock, I will also be looking at all three of the major indices. All three indices flashed warning signals yesterday to move to the sidelines.

The broad trading range that is the gold market right now continues. Today, gold experienced a sizable decline and is rapidly approaching the lower levels of its trading range.

Crude oil has taken a bit of a pause, but remains on its upside trajectory. I'm still thinking that an upside target zone of somewhere around $68-$70 a barrel is in the cards.

The dominant dollar has been losing ground against the Euro for the past four weeks. While we may see another dollar bounce, the dollar continues to look less powerful than it did just four weeks ago. I still think that the euro can go somewhat higher (1.1500) from where it is right now.

Every success with MarketClub,
Adam Hewison
President, INO.com
Co-Creator, MarketClub

There Is Not Much Difference Between The Fed And Greece

Hello everyone and happy Cinco de Mayo.

Let's start with Greece. It is an ongoing disaster that nobody wants to face, especially the bankers who may have to take a 50% haircut on their loans, that's if they're lucky. I think it was Citibank's former chairman, Walter Wriston, that said, "Countries don't go bankrupt." Welcome to the real world Walter. Greece is going to default or there is going to be a revolution in the country.

That leads us to the Federal Reserve. I'm not sure they fully understand and know what they're doing. I think this grand experiment of quantitative easing has gotten way out of hand. In hindsight, it looks like the Fed got the country into something that we didn't have a plan to get out of. The answer to this conundrum was always down the line and some time in the future. The Fed has had over six years to figure this out and there is still no plan to get out of it. "More data" is another way for the Fed to say, "we don’t know!" Ben Bernanke is gone and now has a new job with a hedge fund and Janet Yellen, the new Fed chairwoman, is another disciple from the same school of thought that Ben came from. So, what do you think? Do you think the Fed has any idea what it's doing? [Read more...]

Time To Buy These 5 Buy Stocks?

Hello MarketClub members and traders everywhere! As you start a new week, it is important to look at what happened last week in the markets.

There's no doubt that last week was tough week for most traders with Apple sliding almost 4% which was enough to drag practically every other market down. But what interested me was the market action on Friday. Last Friday we saw a recovery in the market and when one looks at the RSI indicator, all the major indices closed over the 50 line. In fact, all of the Trade Triangles on both the indices and Apple remain positive in both the intermediate and long-term trends.

I would not be surprised to see the market chop around these areas for a while, but I would rather be a buyer here, than a seller.

Here are some of the stocks I think are worthy of your attention: [Read more...]

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