Gold closes out Q2 on the plus side

The gold market has had a lot of publicity and been under intense scrutiny lately as investors, both conservative (Glenn Beck) and liberal (George Soros), are weighing in and recommending a position in gold.

Certainly the trend in gold remains positive, however there are some possible early chinks in the gold armor that I want to bring to your attention in this short video.

I invite you to watch this video with no strings attached and to leave us a comment on this popular market.

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7 thoughts on “Gold closes out Q2 on the plus side

    1. Anish,

      Short term trend for gold is down. Longterm trend for gold is bullish. The signals are Mixed at the moment and will produce a choppy market in the near term.

      All the best ,

  1. I didn't count the gold push over 1240 as solid evidence of a breakout. A few other failed attempts to push higher and two months of negative RSI divergence were enough to get me out of my long positions. Adam, thanks for all the help. I'm sure to be a full member soon!

  2. The gold stocks are falling with the rest of the market. But still outperforming it. Wonder what happens next: safe heaven or down with everything else.

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