Afternoon Update (4/26/11)

As much as I regret that I will not be able to supply your daily updates, I am looking forward to a much needed vacation. I will be leaving tomorrow, and returning on the 16th of May. I did however, want to give you one final update on the current markets before leaving.

Today I focus on the resistance levels regarding the S&P 500. It looks like we have finally broken out of the recent resistance levels! I also address the "energy fields" for the S&P and compare them to that of gold and silver.

Are equity markets the place to be? Tune in to find out!

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While I'm out, you can count on Susan Jackson and Jeremy Lutz for some additional lessons. Keep an eye on our blog for detailed information!

Every success,

8 thoughts on “Afternoon Update (4/26/11)

  1. Market will see major fall very soon .... stay out of market go to vacation .... MAY-JUNE-JULY stay cautious...bad time is ahead of us.


    From India

  2. Adam your presentations are becoming a part of my daily life - but I look forward to seeing how Susan and Jeremy co-host the proceedings! Have a good holiday mate...and don't you all forget now - switch off the phone!

  3. Adam,Thanks for your daily updates looking forward to return. Have a great and relaxing Holiday.

  4. VACATION-----VACATION-----VACATION-----DO "NOT" HURRY BACK-----ENJOY IT.........................Thanks for your help!

  5. Have a nice time in your holidays Mr. Adam
    Looking forward to be hearing from you again

  6. What do you think about:


    Out in May and stay away. A lot of services that provide picks are toppy; growth picks are okay; but, either set stop losses, eat your sh...y losses and/or watch them closely early in Morning. What do you think on these picks?

  7. Adam,Thanks for your daily updates I look forward to them as Im sure we all do and use the info you give us. Im sure you leave us in good hands. Have a great Holiday...

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