POLL: LinkedIn...Could-a, Would-a, Should-a?

Wait a minute...is it 2011 or 1999? LinkedIn's (LNKD) IPO was originally priced at $45. However, it opened at $83 yesterday morning and was at $90 in no time (where it remained for most of the morning). It sky rocketed to $120 later on, and then dipped to a closing of nearly $95!

At $90 per share, LinkedIn would be valued at $8.5 billion...one of the largest tech IPOs since Google (GOOG) in 2004. If you were to factor those numbers in for your calculations, LinkedIn is trading at nearly 570 times last year's earnings! This adds some controversy over the worthiness of its current price tag considering that LinkedIn valued itself at a mere $2.32 a share in the spring of 2009.

Which brings us to the question:

Do you think that LinkedIn is worth it's hype?

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8 thoughts on “POLL: LinkedIn...Could-a, Would-a, Should-a?

  1. Dear fellow traders,
    You are missing the point.We are all entitled to our own opinion but we are not all entitled to our facts.
    The trend is fact.The trend is your only friend in the market.I don't concern myself noise.
    Trade what you see,not what you think.

    I got in a short position on Friday before close at $100 to Monday stock price $80 out of position
    (under $25000)profit in two days.

    Do I have an opinion on Linkedin? Yes.
    Do I care about my own opinion about Linkedin? No.
    I care about strictly implementing daily,my trading plan.
    I listen to what the market trend is telling me.
    Because The market trend is your only friend in the market.

    Kind regards and good trading to everyone.

    John Smith

  2. Bought it & flipped it!. Told my father years ago even before Google was issued under an IPO that he should buy it. I told him before, reminded him during, and questioned him after the initial offering - and he did NOT purchase any shares. This from a man who had lost $530,000 for a bogus IBC in the Bahamas!

  3. Maybe the poll isn't asking the right question! I do use LinkedIn, I don't think the company is worth $8.5 billion. But I also don't mind making a lot of money on the stock, which is why we're here. I traded LNKD yesterday and sold it at $121.00 for a tidy profit.

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