Today's Video Newsletter: The housing market continues to shine

Hello traders everywhere! Jeremy Lutz here, with your mid-day market update for Wednesday, the 27th of February.

After yesterday's news that new home sales rose nearly 16 percent in January, The National Association of Realtors (NAR) showed a much bigger than expected increase in its pending home sales index today, which reached its highest level since April of 2010 in January. NAR said its pending home sales index rose by 4.5 percent to 105.9 in January after falling by 1.9 percent to 101.3 in December. Economists had expected the index to increase by 3.0 percent.

What is a pending home sale? A pending home sale is one in which a contract was signed but not yet closed. Normally, it takes four to six weeks to close a contracted sale. Continue reading "Today's Video Newsletter: The housing market continues to shine"

MarketClub TV 5/19/11

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Last night we welcomed Adam back to discuss some of the big moves that took place while he was gone. Get updates on all of the hot markets, and find out who the largest commodity firm is.

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POLL: LinkedIn...Could-a, Would-a, Should-a?

Wait a it 2011 or 1999? LinkedIn's (LNKD) IPO was originally priced at $45. However, it opened at $83 yesterday morning and was at $90 in no time (where it remained for most of the morning). It sky rocketed to $120 later on, and then dipped to a closing of nearly $95!

At $90 per share, LinkedIn would be valued at $8.5 of the largest tech IPOs since Google (GOOG) in 2004. If you were to factor those numbers in for your calculations, LinkedIn is trading at nearly 570 times last year's earnings! This adds some controversy over the worthiness of its current price tag considering that LinkedIn valued itself at a mere $2.32 a share in the spring of 2009.

Which brings us to the question:

Do you think that LinkedIn is worth it's hype?

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