1:00 Market Recap

Hello, traders everywhere. Adam Hewison here, co-founder of MarketClub with your 1 p.m. market update for Wednesday the 8th of June.

Most traders do not know what a real bear market feels like. No, I am not talking about the 2008 bear market. I am talking about a prolonged Bear market that just doesn't let up -- this type of market just claws away at your equity. You can learn how to easily protect your capital from this kind of disaster by going to MarketClub.

Okay, now here's what's happening in today's major markets ...

SP 500: -60. Only the longer-term monthly Trade Triangle remains intact at this time. Trading Range - Neutral - Major Support at $1,250.

Silver: +60. This market reached the midpoint of the Donchian channel. Trading range for the last month. Major resistance at $38.80. Near term support at $36.00. Major Support at $34.00.Waiting for the Williams %R to get oversold.

Gold: +85. Short term exit signal today. This market backed off the top of the Donchian Channel. The $1,563 is the highest close ever recorded for gold and is resistance. Possible pullback to mid point of channel. Minor support at $1,540.00. Major support at $1,500, $1,475.

Crude Oil: +55. Trading range. Long term indicator remains positive. Resistance at $102.00 and $103.00 basis July. Choppy market.

The Dollar Index: -90. The longer term Trade Triangle remaining in a negative position. Resistance now at $75.00 and $76.50. Major support at $73.00.

The Thomson Reuters/Jefferies CRB Commodity Index: +60. Near-term resistance at $350.00. Major support at $335.00. Trading range.

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All the best,

Adam Hewison
President of INO.com
Co-founder of MarketClub

4 thoughts on “1:00 Market Recap

  1. Dear Heiwson,
    Thank you so much emdnfor giving me such an opportunity, I'll expect your allerts with great hope.

  2. i have found your system to be inconsistent and unreliable

    for example, I bought BCF 3 times,
    once on 3\8 at 15.60 sold on 4\12 at 15.10, again on 5\2 at 15.60 sold on 5\11 at 14.53, again on 5\31 at 15.14 currently a huge unrealized loss

    3 losses in a row on the same stock and 3 wasted months of time

    i can show you many more examples, such as:

    REMX on 5\31 at 27.10 green triangle with monthly in place, was the absolute top, has gone straight down immediately after buying it, currently a huge loss

    GDXJ on 6\1 at 38.00 on green triangle with monthly in place, was the absolute top, has gone straight down immediately after buying it, currently a huge loss

    GDX on 5\31 at 58.05 on green triangle with monthly in place, turns out the green triangle told me to buy while the stock was tetter-tottering on the absolute pinnacle of the abyss, has crashed non-stop straight down beginning immediately after buying it, red triangle today sold it for a huge loss

    furthermore, the system is always 15 minutes behind actual trading activity, that means your trade notices are 15 minutes late and it also means the system puts 15 minutes of trading activity from the previous day onto the beginning of the current day which alters the candlstick formations on the charts, i do not understand how you can charge people money and especially don't see how you can even begin to justify raising the price for a system that not only is 15 minutes late to work everyday but actually inaccurately records actual trading activity and especially i do not see how you can expect your clients to be able to compete on an equal field with people who have level 2 trading who are able to actually see trades before they are happening.

  3. Adam,

    Thanks so much for your daily perspectives on the market... extremely beneficial.

    It appears that we may well be moving toward the bear market you spoke of today. As a result, I have a question. I recall that early last year you were suggesting your "Perfect Portfolio" which was comprised of gold, oil, dollar, and S&P 500. The strategy was a stop and reverse plan. The current "perfect R" portfolio contains the same four players but exits to the sidelines when the trade triangles appear. I'm curious as to the change in strategies. Which has proven to be more profitable? It seems that if we do find ourselves in a prolonged bear market, that the stop and reverse strategy would be a good one. Could you share your thoughts?



  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the update and market analyse . I have a question regarding the financial enterprises.

    JP morgan chase & co, Citigroup, Goldman sachs group, Morgan stanly,

    Are they in the same difficulties as bank of america? do they have the same home loan problems?


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