Find winning trades in today's 1PM Update

Adam's UpdateGood afternoon and thanks for stopping by for the 1PM Afternoon Update.

During today's update, we'll be looking at how the major markets are faring today, Monday, June 13th, 2011, but also looking at what the Trade Triangles are telling us are big movers are for this week.

Quick update:

S&P (-60) looking at support around 1250
Silver (-70) oversold
Crude Oil (+65) with choppy action
Dollar Index (-85) bearish
CRB Index (+90) with resistance at 350

Every success,

Adam Hewison
President of
Co-founder of MarketClub

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9 thoughts on “Find winning trades in today's 1PM Update

  1. I have a cable connection for internet with the max bandwidth as given by the service provider, my experiences with the are somewhat similar but not as severe. I do get the buffering and it lasts for 10-15 seconds at a time. Many times, however I lose the sequencing and miss out the explanations as Adam moves from market to market. I look forward to listening to Adam, but the experiences have been less than satisfying.

    Until the above changes, it might be helpful if the recording can be posted as soon as possible so that the members can attempt to glean what was missed. A day late is a dollar short in my humble opinion.


    1. Rajesh,

      You will notice that we have added Adam's videos to the Home Page of MarketClub today for our members. This gives you access to the videos within minutes of the Live airing.


  2. Some of us who've been around for a while prefer the old Camtasia videos. They uploaded quickly. I can't watch anything on INO TV or even the daily updates because they take up way too much bandwidth on my less-than-optimal high speed Internet. And even then, I've tried it at optimal locations (instantaneous Internet) and found it occasionally buffering.

    Even if the videos followed the youtube format at least guys like me could download it and watch it in a couple minutes. But INO TV only buffers for 1.5 minutes at a time and then I have to re-click and wait for another 1.5 minutes to upload, so it takes about 45 minutes for me to watch the 9 minute update video. I don't have the time. And as for the presentations on INO TV, forget it. It takes about 8 hours to watch an hour, and if I miss a watch/buffer/click cycle during that time, it reverts back to the beginning and I have to start over.

    I simply read the written summary Adam includes with the link on the daily updates, which pretty well just states what the trade triangles are doing.

    I noticed that a lot of sites now include a 100% transcript of their video presentations, as it appears I must not be the only one suffering in a bandwidth shortage. Is that a possibility for Marketclub?

  3. What??? I am a member and trying to watch today's 1pm video. Keep getting sent to this sign up form instead

    1. Lesely,

      For the time being you will need to register to see the video. However, we are working on adding them to the members section of MarketClub for our members.


  4. Regarding FCS:
    the daily & weekly Williams-%R are less than -90%.
    Should I go ahead with the short based on the Monthly TT,
    or wait for a bounce
    to relieve the oversold William's indicator?
    Thanks for your help.

    1. John,

      Thanks for your feedback. We are still negative on this stock. The monthly Trade Triangle signal at $15.75 was a good one and we intend to hold on to this position until it reverses.

      All the best,

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