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If you follow headline news, then we don’t have to tell you about the kind of hit that the recent job report had on the major markets this week. OUCH. Just today the DJI fell 105 points, the S&P 500 lost 10 points, and the Nasdaq fell 21 points. The DOW alone shed over 400 points since Wednesday!

The increase in unemployment has caused major concern for experts, as well as all of us regular ol’ citizens of the USA. The recent job report was a definite letdown, especially for economists who were predicting a rate of improvement from 9% to 8.9%. Yet here we are with an unemployment rate of 9.1%.

Where do you think the US unemployment rate will be at the end of 2011?

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3 thoughts on “POLL: Job Report

  1. I think were gonna find out what happens when we try social engineering in a free market splat!!!Get the government out off the way let the markets run free.

  2. What a surprise!! Econ 101-103 teaches one that job creation requires an expanding economy. The American economy has not been really expanding. An illusion of expansion was created by a three trillion dollar pump by the Fed. Look at the National Debt Chart. Now that $3 trillion pump is playing out and the smoke is starting to clear and the mirrors are starting to brake! The fictitious GDP is not a true indicator of an economic expansion (or contraction) since it is calculated in dollars and dollar inflation (or deflation) will heavily affect its movements. Obviously a $3 trillion expansion in the money supply IS INFLATION, which is reflected in the GDP. Only a GDP calculated on the number of "widgets" being produced and sold at a profit by the entire economy would be a true indicator of expanding or contracting economic activity. As the FED continues to pump money (as vowed by Good Ole' Uncle Bernanke) the situation can ONLY continue to get worse, NOT BETTER!


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