1PM Recap

Dow: -60 3rd day in a row down and touching the lower level of the Donchian channel. We are still in a trading range and are waiting to see what happens.

S&P 500: -60 Showing very similar action to the Dow. Once again in a trading range.

Crude Oil: +85 We're seeing some interesting action, still trading in the midsection of the Donchian channels and drading down for the day. We're in the 90's as of this report.

Silver: -60 Trading down again today. Williams %R is heading toward an oversold condition, but we're in a sidelines position as of now. Therefore, a "wait and see" mode.

Gold: +85 Positioned on the other side of the spectrum, hitting the top of the Donchian channels. Overall an upward trend, but showing a bit of near-term weakness.

Dollar: -100 The "Trade Triangles" are showing that the dollar is in a severe downward trend with a negative TT triggering on the 1st. Things are not looking good for the greenback.

NASDAQ: -70 We're seeing a lot of volatility in this market and it's trading all over the Donchian channel. Overall, we're in an upward long-term trend, buit it may be weakening as you can see by the red weekly and daily TT.

That is your afternoon update for Friday, June 3rd. We hope you have a great weekend. Adam will be back to bring you your daily update on Monday!

Susan Jackson